Fortified n Protected
Creator: Robocop || First Published: 05/26/2011 || Players: 6 || Size: 27x21
Categories: Casual Play, Team Play
Rating: 6.42 in 19 ratings
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Robocop (05/26/2011 04:07am):
ok 1st off i know it may seem to be one big choke map but with all the air and sea the only
countries that will have a hard time getting across are BM and GS
They are more ment to protect your side.
Now, with that said, this is a top vs bot 3v3 hard map for pros!
You may also comment that "daww this map will most likely stalemate".
PPL that say that about any map that is winable is a moron.
As a 3v3 map i felt the only way to counter FTA is to set up as i did.
If you do know a better way to counter plz by all means let me kno.
This map is very unique in not only the way its set up but also the terrain placement.
But i dont think i over did it with "to much going on"
Like the name of map, this will take real strategy to win.
If u think u can just sit and wait for ur opponents to come to you for a counter push win, u
may find ur self ttrapped into a corner.
So i recomend u do push forward to secure mid for a final push ftw.

After all that said, PLz tell me if i missed anything or mabe ways to improve.
I will test both sides with good plrs that dont leave to see if its balenced.
Other then that i just wanted to make a difficult map with lots to do.
i have no clue who to bann yet (grit of corse) so imput wanted.
ill give a good start banns and fund/turn after i test.

soo... with all that said....
GL HF hope u like my idea :)
THUNDER_5 (05/26/2011 04:34am):
I like the map, but id take out just a few of the shoals as that leaves little manouvre space for
Cruisers, Battleships and Carriers. overall though, i like your maps and this is no exception!
Robocop (05/26/2011 10:36am):
ty but u didnt actually rate it lol
would be nice....
airob (05/27/2011 11:09pm):
you could predeploy a carrier for the central armies (BM, GS) so they can have easier/earlier
access to the other side, cool concept and although it has messed terrain it looks sorta cool.
blozzee (06/07/2011 11:43pm):
This map should be tag as team play rather than ffa Multiplay because the map is designed
for team play >_>
njfball14 (06/16/2011 11:51am):
any reason why it is impossible to get the missile?
Ultrastar_deluxe (12/23/2011 03:47pm):
great looking map
the beach (or whatever its called^^) on the left side around the mountain is unsymmetrical
to the right side^^
and i agree with thunder, maybe ships should get more space, so 9/10.

happy christmas:D

Nyvelion (03/26/2015 01:41pm):
Those shoals are cool looking.
IPS (06/08/2015 11:13pm):
yesssss Colombia vs a weird country at bottom :D

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