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Over and Away (Design Map by ramdalucksta7)
Categories: A-Rank

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Rating: 10.00 in 1 rating
Map Committee Rating: 0 in 0 ratings
ramdalucksta7 (06/06/2011 01:31pm):
Not sure if this map's FTA is balanced properly but it's a complicated setup. Maybe
someone on the map committee could chime in?
Last Edited on 07/12/2011 09:19am
Eligitine (06/07/2011 12:48pm):
Right now its a little unbalanced, I think you need to toy around with the placement of
the FTA counter.

T1:3000/3000 //GS begins to capture the port, the airport and the factory, while GE just
captures the factory and a city. Both produce an infantry.

T2:3000/3000 //GS captures three buildings and begins to capture the two cities, GE
captures 2 and begins to capture two more. Both produce infantry

T3:5000/6000 (GE down 1000) //GS captures two cities and begins to capture four more. GE
captures two and begins to capture four more.

T4: 6000/7000 (GE down 2000)
Last Edited on 06/07/2011 12:51pm
ramdalucksta7 (06/07/2011 01:44pm):
You do realize that the infantry + t-copter is meant to be used to capture that neutral
base in the center? No one should be capturing that airport right away.
Last Edited on 07/12/2011 09:21am
Red11 (06/09/2011 05:32am):
why not just put the inf. next to the ntrl. base, then?

ramdalucksta7 (06/09/2011 08:20am):
Because I want it to take 2 days for each country to begin capturing the base instead of
1. It has an effect on where the contested areas are, because that extra day gives each
player one more day to advance outwards.

I could have just put 1P's infantry 7 spaces away from the base and 2P's 5 or 6 away, but
then it's even harder to see that you're supposed to capture the neutral base with it,
and then you could use the infantry fo disrupt the capture phase on other parts of the map.
Last Edited on 07/12/2011 09:21am
xushu (06/24/2011 10:54am):
After my testing, and loss, I think it is safe to say this map has potential. The number of bases
are a little high, which compels veteran players to mass produce infantry, and the airport
near the HQs are prime for striking at the lone factory. The center and wings can be
overwhelming with a focused attack, and early tanks can prove decisive factors in the
capturing phase.

I would suggest that one of the bases be removed and the tcpoter+inf idea reconsidered,
seeing that Sturm's recon/inf can interrupt the base capture relatively easy.
ramdalucksta7 (07/12/2011 09:31am):
I scratched the t-copter idea, made the neutral bases preowned and also removed one base
from the sides. Replaced the t-copters with bboats too. Not sure if the new city counter

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