Head to Head
Creator: ramdalucksta7 || First Published: 06/10/2011 || Players: 2 || Size: 19x18
Categories: A-Rank, Innovative, Mixed Base
Rating: 5.00 in 1 rating
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ramdalucksta7 (06/10/2011 09:22am | Edited: 06/11/2011 06:46pm):
Recommended CO Bans: Grit, Sturm, Sami
Recommended Unit Bans: Piperunners

The adjacent bases are stolen from an idea by Kruegster in the map "Close But No Cigar".
The rest of the map is fairly straightforward... The artilleries are there to prevent either side
from arty-locking the adjacent bases with an artillery deployed from there.
Master Knight DH (06/11/2011 05:20pm):
FTA counter City in range of the Artillery. Please fix that.
ramdalucksta7 (06/11/2011 06:48pm):
Lol what? The artillery is the same color as the infantry that will be capturing it. There's nothing
to fix. ^_~
Robz (07/24/2011 05:30pm | Edited: 07/24/2011 05:31pm):
blow the fuck out of the pipe seam and place an arty there.
ramdalucksta7 (07/25/2011 07:16am):
Ah you're right. Pipe seams taken out.
Meta Rexy (02/04/2015 04:41pm):
This map has serious issues still.
You can still artillery lock your opponent's adjacent base... just put it out of arty range but in range of the base...
Cool idea but I think Kruegster does it better...

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