Best of 8
Creator: GoblinKing || First Published: 06/19/2011 || Players: 8 || Size: 23x23
Categories: None
Rating: 6.29 in 7 ratings
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Varker (06/22/2011 12:02pm):
what's the point of neutral cities inside the pipes? by the time you reach there you either
capture HQs orstop anyone from getting to yours, you don't have a chance to care for those
zaykho (04/22/2012 06:19pm):
Yes but they can give a "def lvl 3" to the unit trying to block enemies to come inside the

But I will suggest to replace these Cities by some Forest, this will slow down the capture
session, and give the opportunities to hide some units....
CO_Raven (04/22/2012 08:03pm):
I think I'll go with Sami here wince its all close quarters and great for infanty and mech spamming.
Then I'll waltz in and fight with the others and if it actually takes too long, I'll victory march it up. I
may not be able to capture my main enemy's hq but I'll get somebody's at least and from there
win. The whole thing is way too close quarters.
Nyvelion (04/23/2012 11:28am):
Not that this is your fault, but this map has a particularly bad case of becoming
one-sided when one person gets booted. And I can almost never find an 8 player game where
someone doesn't get booted within 4 turns, there's always one.

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