Portal 7
Creator: bohwalker || First Published: 06/30/2011 || Players: 2 || Size: 27x25
Categories: S-Rank, Innovative, Teleport Tile
Rating: 7.88 in 8 ratings
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bohwalker (07/04/2011 03:11am | Edited: 07/04/2011 03:12am):
In case you don't see it right away, the point of this map is that the two bases near the
black boats will be able to send units to the area in between the enemy bases, right near
the HQ. This means that those 2 bases are supporting fighting on both sides of the map, making
decisions on where to send units especially difficult and important. Air units will also
have fun here, being able to be deployed to both fronts.

Black boats are there to prevent enemies from deploying units onto the base areas. You CAN
move them into the ocean, but I don't recommend it.

The jury is still out on whether piperunners make this map awesome or stupid (I'm guessing
stupid). Funds are only 19k per side though, so they will be a little expensive to build
at least.

I would ban Sturm and Sami, although neither one of them should be too bad so it'd be okay
if you left them unbanned. Also, I have a suspicion that this is a map where it is okay to
leave Grit unbanned.
bohwalker (07/25/2011 06:59am):
Edits after testing:
- Copters' power decreased by extending time to capture airport.
- Lone base made more defensible with terrain edits.
- Other minor terrain edits and a couple aesthetics revamps.

Should play very nicely now. This map shows a lot of potential after preliminary play tests.
pen (07/30/2011 04:05pm):
Looks like a horse.....
head phone (08/06/2011 03:38pm):
Thats what makes this map great
walkerboh01 (08/09/2011 08:47am):
Wha... Where's the horse? XD
vunguyenquang90 (08/12/2011 02:41pm):
This map worth try. I give it 10/10 to counter the previous 1 from an Idontcare guy
walkerboh (08/13/2011 09:22pm):
Yeah, i was wondering where that 1 came from.
walkerboh01 (09/30/2011 07:39pm):
I think this map is one of the top 5 I have ever made, no joke. 9/10, I'll put it in A-Rank pending
for further testing.
blozzee (10/17/2011 09:03am | Edited: 10/17/2011 09:07am):
I don't get it, if one gets an airport first, does the other airport would be lock for
incoming first strike air attack? which means the one will own 2 ports without a problem
here >_>
walkerboh01 (10/28/2011 08:04pm):
What? The black tiles don't connect the two airports, there is a break in between.
funwes (01/18/2012 01:54am):
2 months after making

"I think this map is one of the top 5 I have ever made, no joke. 9/10, I'll put it in
A-Rank pending
for further testing. "

walkerboh01 (01/29/2012 04:26am):
Ah, you're right. 2 months is neither a reasonable time, nor are any of my maps allowed to be in
A-Rank pending. My mistake.

Incidentally, this has been removed from A-Rank pending for at least a month now.
Everdan (06/28/2015 03:47pm):
Hmm. Personally I'm a little worried about the lone base being too weak. The 2-base + airport can kind of gang up
on it in a pincer movement, which could lead to some sticky situations. I think it'd be better if the airport supports the
lone base instead.

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