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Dracula's yachting club (Design Map by Wareagle 3)
Categories: Casual Play, Mixed Base

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Rating: 8.00 in 1 rating
Map Committee Rating: 0 in 0 ratings
bohwalker (07/04/2011 02:16am):
Nice map. I think it would be better if you switch the FTA counter on the bottom part of
the map from the corner base to the central base. There's 3 fronts on each part, and so on
the top BM has the advantage on one corner front, while OS has the advantage on the other
and also the middle front. If you change it on the bottom, BM will have the same advantage
on the bottom.
wareagle (07/04/2011 05:11pm):
Yes, i see what you mean. It's been sorted now, thanks for the help.
vunguyenquang90 (08/19/2011 12:44am):
the FTA look cool! It's interesting to play.
DuelStriker (02/24/2012 05:47pm):
I love the map name haha
blanci1 (04/09/2014 02:18pm):
Looks fun
But i wonder if heavy naval classification is applicable. Could well remain land based.
Gonna try.

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