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RE: High Income, Low Spam, Test Game (Design Map by |-|eadphone)
Categories: A-Rank, High Funds

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|-|eadphone (07/11/2011 10:32pm):
Made on: http://headphone.110mb.com/AWBW_Map_Maker.html
In response to: http://www.amarriner.com/awbw_forum/viewtopic.php?f=30&t=13678

Recommended Income: 2500 per turn

|-|eadphone (07/11/2011 10:43pm):
I swear that I didn't even see Jarka Ruus before working on this.
walkerboh01 (07/12/2011 03:49am):
It's interesting. I would suggest changing the FTA counter to match the style in Jarka
Ruus though. The preowned bases could potentially have the same effect on a map as extra
preowned cities in normal matches. And I think it's necessary to have airports.
blanci1 (07/15/2011 10:14am):
Nice general terraining etc. Looks interesting battle area.
Just wondering what, if anything, makes this map specially for high funds? maybe im
missing something !

Balance--- it would be nice to have a quicky explanation of how the balance works, or at
least know if it has been carefully worked out or if its just a rough guess. E.G. is it
only balanced for 2.5 k income? Note the idea being advocated by walker allows fairness
for almost any funding (though its not absolutely necessary).
Game-- total income 18x2.5 = 40 k which with 4 bases should produce at least 1 in 4 or
more high tech purchases. Having Air availalable could be good too, but it would be nice
to see how it goes without air too. (air will tend to reduce tech up as it requires
another spend.. perhaps remove a factory to have 3 factory+1 air)?
One prob is with 4 or 5 production facilities the map is gonna fill up with units pdq.

Actually for such newish concept ideas i think id like to first see more games with say 2
factories or even just 1 (!?? why not) .... just to get a better idea of how things pan
out in simpler situations first. Also less factory, less units = less spam, more open
fluid games. I think too many units quickly encourages stand-off.
Headphone (07/15/2011 02:33pm):
I tried to make it with 3 factories at first, but with the symmetry type I chose, it caused some
(Maybe I should try 2 factories a side...)

Thats the same reason I chose not put airports, with the 90 degree rotation, in order to keep it
balanced I would need to have 2 airports a side. Which would increase amount spent and
decrease the teching up, like blanci said.

Also, I don't have any good spots to set infantry away from the factories. If I set YC's one
turn longer away from the factories, they will still be able to capture a city. While this won't
help them production-wise, They'll still have a fund advantage over GS.

After my test game, I'm not sure what I'll do, but expect some changes/
pen (08/28/2011 12:04pm):
This is the the third map I've seen this week with a secret swastica. 0.o

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