Mountain Pass­
Creator: |-|eadphone || First Published: 07/24/2011 || Players: 2 || Size: 20x14
Categories: A-Rank, Fog of War
Rating: 7.67 in 3 ratings
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|-|eadphone (07/24/2011 09:34pm):
A map with FOW games in mind.
airob (07/25/2011 12:34am):
in Fog you can use the tower cleverly to drag the opponent around, that works both ways also.
quite to tell the truth, i like the sub thing
walkerboh01 (07/25/2011 05:38am):
This looks really cool, excellent job. Should play great in FoW, and the subs are a nice
touch. Good job using labs too since you made the ports preowned.

Good idea with the backwards base too. But you should make the towers neutral, because it
is really easy right now for one side to be able to control both towers, especially in fog
- and that's a game-winning advantage.

Headphone (07/25/2011 03:39pm):
By making the comtowers preowned its just as likely for one side to get both towers, at least the
way I see it...

walkerboh (07/26/2011 04:32am):
Yes you're right. But you don't want to set up your map so that EITHER side could get two
towers easily. A 2 tower advantage is almost just as bad as a contested base. Even if both
sides have an even chance at getting it, it will still wreck games.

Obviously it won't matter much for casual games, but the preowned towers will screw up
high-level games on this map.
Headphone (07/27/2011 06:16pm):
Made it so a comtower swap isn't preventable. Better?
serativale (07/28/2011 03:41pm):
Hmm... I liked it better before. Screwed me over, but it was something to work on.
walkerboh01 (07/29/2011 04:57am):
I mean, it's better than having the towers preowned in their former spots. But I think the
placement of the towers where they were before would be better, under the condition that
they're neutral.

I don't see how making towers preowned benefits the map at all. And you might as well just
have them be neutral where they are now, because it's the same difference.
Headphone (08/12/2011 07:01pm):
They're preowned for FOW reasons, you'll know when your enemy decides to tower up.
Roswell the Black Rose (11/10/2011 12:07pm):
i think it's still too chokey in the sides, it's hard
for the 2 base side to hold front beyond the
mountain. the center front is too easy to
defend due to natural sights and no hiding
spots to prepare a attacking while defensive
side can take advantage of mountains, cities
and forests.
Madd Maxx (11/18/2011 10:23am):
i really enjoy this mp. just wondering what happens with no bases though? Can't kill the
subs. So how do you win?You cant kill all his units. you cant capture all his property. Is
there another way to win I don't know about?

MLP_Headphone (11/23/2011 04:38am):
The labs act as HQs that don't provide funds.
walkerboh01 (12/02/2011 04:12am):
This map gets a 7/10 from me. Just a little too crowded and a few too many mountains/forests.
Over-terrained is a good way of putting it, I think.
Roswell the Black Rose (02/10/2012 04:44am):
I don't like it very much as a FOW map. 6/10 considering its category. I think removing
one or two mountains to open the mountain range in NW/SE and add one forests to
provide hide spot in the center path will be better.

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