Test Chambers: 55208, 55211, 55215
Creator: GLaDOS || First Published: 08/09/2011 || Players: 3 || Size: 39x39
Categories: A-Rank, FFA Multiplay
Rating: 9.00 in 2 ratings
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GLaDOS (08/09/2011 07:01pm):
Hello and Welcome to the Aperture Science Hypo-Cooperative Testing Initiative™.

The Enrichment Center recommends that labs be required to create all units.

These next chambers test to see how well subjects can work with someone they are fighting.
Usthepeople (08/09/2011 07:20pm):
The Enrichment Center will remind all test subjects that failure to win on all fronts will
result in an unsatisfactory mark on your record. Followed by death.
Eligitine (08/09/2011 10:37pm | Edited: 08/09/2011 10:38pm):
... -Chell
walkerboh01 (08/10/2011 05:54am):
This is a cool-looking map. Maybe the 1st fair 3P map I've ever seen.
Eligitine (08/10/2011 06:31am):
Except the fact that if you win on one of the fronts there’s no way you can lose.
walkerboh01 (08/10/2011 06:56am):
Haha yeah, that's a problem. HQs are needed.
Headphone (08/10/2011 09:34pm):
I think thats a good thing.
Say OS wins his chamber, then he can start negotiations in the chambers he's attacking in.
He no long has any reason to fight the person he is attacking with so he can focus he
offensive agains the chamber's owner.
If OS and BM both win, then They can both focus all their resources agains GE and share
their win via the draw button.
If all three win in their chambers then its a straight up draw, and all the combatants shouldn't
try not to let that happen, so they have to work with the person that doesn't own the
Eligitine (08/11/2011 02:10am):
I had a game going onto day 322 because some danm bastard didnt want to draw. This is
the internet Headphone.
Headphone (08/11/2011 04:46pm):
Thats when you resign, you both know you had a draw, and its not like there's a rating system
for games like that.
PWNHAMMER247 (11/07/2018 03:19pm):
beep boop.


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