Creator: eligitine3 || First Published: 08/10/2011 || Players: 3 || Size: 22x17
Categories: Toy-Box
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eligitine3 (08/10/2011 06:17pm | Edited: 08/10/2011 06:20pm):
This is yet ANOTHER gimmick map, but before you say "WTF IS THIS!?" Just hear me out.

This is something I've been planning all summer, a new game mode if you will for AWBW. The overall point of
this game mode is to capture the opponents HQ, rout is not possible. GE/YC have 6 turns of set up time before
being let loose.

There are two ways to Capture the opponent's HQ. First is the direct way, the HQ by the opponents bases.
The second way is what makes this map special. Over to the right of the map is the alternate HQ capture.
There is a fighter covering your HQ, preventing it from being captured by the infantry. However, if you look to
the center of the main map, you'll see a LAB. The lab allows a certain unit to be built in the far right bases,
namely missiles. With missiles, you can destroy the fighter and have an easy capture.

The game mode also borrows a few ideas from Team Fortress 2, which is what the OS is for. If you notice, all
OS has is subs. This is because they are the "Announcer" of arena mode. At the start of the game, OS should
dive each of the three subs by GE/YC's bases. After the 6 turns it takes for them to sink, the game "starts" and
OS should sink the lab sub. This prevents APC/recon spam of the LAB. After the lab sub sinks, OS loses, but
would not be involved with the rest of the game anyway.

I have been calculating how funds will work with this map. I would recommend 10000-20000 starting funds,
and 500 per building. That gives both sides 46000-56000 to build units, which is a good starting sum, and
makes it so that it is harder to do the Missile strategy.

To summarize: GE/YC
1.Rout not possible (Killing all units)
2.Six turns of preparation
3.Two ways to win, direct, and with the lab.
4.Missiles are the key to capturing the far right HQ

1.First day submerge the subs by the bases
2.When those subs sink, submerge the sub on the lab

Game Maker:
2.Starting funds are recommended
3.Low property income recommended
4.Ban Jake and Max (They break the map and can't complete it respectively)

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