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DEPLOY (Design Map by Headphone)
Categories: A-Rank, Base Light, Teleport Tile

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Rating: 8.00 in 1 rating
Map Committee Rating: 8.00 in 1 rating
Headphone (08/11/2011 06:39pm):
A fourth, unoffical DEPLOY map.
Credit to FunkyChunk for this idea.

Here are the original 3:
Last Edited on 08/12/2011 02:37pm
walkerboh01 (09/30/2011 08:20pm):
I'd ban Kindle. Other than that, it looks really good. A third neutral base or airport somewhere
would be nice though, since it's a lot of funds for just 2 bases.

8/10 for me now.
Meta Rexy (10/18/2014 04:16pm):
This is an extremely cool idea, where you and your opponent spawn units literally right beside each other, but have no room to fight or else you clog your own supply lines.
I want to try this map out. :)
The more unorthodox these maps get, the more fun they become.

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