Burned to Ashes
Creator: bohwalker || First Published: 08/15/2011 || Players: 2 || Size: 19x18
Categories: A-Rank, High Funds, Limited High Funds
Rating: 8.00 in 1 rating
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bohwalker (08/15/2011 10:24am | Edited: 08/15/2011 10:32am):
This map is a high funds map, meant to be played with 2000-3000k per property.

Recommended unit bans: Stealth, black bomb
Recommended CO bans: Sasha, Hachi, Colin

See this thread for more information about high funds:
Master Knight DH (08/27/2011 02:03pm):
Turns out Grit can lock the opponent's Airport with just his COP and an Aircraft Carrier.
Is that intentional or no?
walkerboh01 (09/05/2011 12:59pm):
No, not intentional. And also, not worth editing to change.
Headphone (09/05/2011 09:41pm):
I'm not sure its considered locking if it only lasts one turn...
blanci1 (09/06/2011 10:05am | Edited: 09/06/2011 11:24am):
just try that in fog against my kenbei bomber.. he he... !

oh wait ... ni it doesnt quite reach.
bohwalker (03/28/2012 04:27am):
Fixed FTA problems, changed the dynamic with the central base, removed and moved a couple
cities, made some minor terrain changes. It should work a lot better now than before, though it
will still be a clusterfuck in the center.

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