HORSE the Map
Creator: Mori || First Published: 09/06/2011 || Players: 2 || Size: 20x20
Categories: A-Rank, High Funds, Mixed Base
Rating: 5.75 in 4 ratings
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Mori (09/06/2011 11:16pm):
Oh hey I'm alive again. I'm doing college and I have a job, but I'm trying to make my way back to
AWBW with some ideas I've been tossing around. This was only done in a few minutes so once
I get some more time I'll be making much better material, but I just wanted to make a quick map to
show I'm still around. Comments and critiques are always welcome.
Kataiser (09/06/2011 11:21pm):
The towers could be interesting, although I feel like they'd be a bit tough to take without
taking out the 2 unit-producing buildings near them. And by tough, I mean hell.

Also, I'm not sure on counter-FTA. With 3 buildings per team, it might be OK, but that's
a bit iffy I think.

I see no chokepoints yet, though. I could play a bit this weekend maybe, but I dunno.
We'll see.

Oh, but you're missing Piperunners. You need more.
Mori (09/13/2011 09:14am | Edited: 11/05/2011 03:44pm):
Some edit stuffs. Should I take away a BM infantry and add a preowned city instead?
Also, should I move the towers to be more contested? I'm always open to suggestions. Kat
and I need to get some games on this and some of my other newer maps, methinks.

Oh hey I can edit. Time to burn some forests.
Mori (11/05/2011 04:20pm | Edited: 11/05/2011 04:39pm):
So I moved some stuff around and things. Edited the crap out of it. The map should be
several penguins better now.

Also, if it somehow isn't blatantly obvious, it's for High Funds now. High Funds is
apparently my answer to all my old bad chokey maps. Accidentally double posted
so now this looks silly. Mainly just messing around with the idea of hard to defend
HQs and Labs on this map now. Might be too easy to capture the labs in an early
game rush, so black boats added I guess maybe. I still think that it might be too hard
to defend, but I won't know until I test it, which will be as soon as the preview picture
changes. I'm still not entirely sure the black boats are needed at all.

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