Creator: Mori || First Published: 09/07/2011 || Players: 2 || Size: 20x20
Categories: Casual Play
Rating: 7.50 in 2 ratings
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Mori (09/07/2011 12:08am | Edited: 09/07/2011 09:09am):
"Trapped under winter's paw." So I did make that other map I planned on making tonight,
apparently. Trying out some cool stuff here, but I could totally see this being a choke-fest, so
maybe certain routes need to be more open. I plan on making some more Company of Heroes
themed maps at some point in the future, but for now enjoy these originals. Comments and
critiques are always welcome.

Edit 1: Removed a significant portion of the chokepoints. Leveled mountains for forests,
added empty silos.
Mori (10/13/2011 02:39pm):
From matches that I've been watching, it seems to choke a lot, the capture phase is
boring, and the fronts are identical. Stalemates easily. Overall, needs lots of editing,
I look forward to editing in when all games are finished on it. I have ideas for fixing
it already.
Hellraider (11/04/2011 08:02pm):
I suppose it is playable, but you are pretty right. It would be bad without the forests already, with them it's a real
Mori (11/11/2011 02:01pm | Edited: 11/11/2011 09:25pm):
Edited a ton of stuff, including changes to terrain and base locations. Added penguins.
Pretty different map now. Also, this is one of the few maps I've edited recently that did
not turn into a "fix it with high funds" situation.

So far in test games, the order of the day is arty walls. Slow tech. We'll see if the 2
on 1 base + airports help to alleviate that.
walkerboh01 (11/24/2011 05:54am):
I would be pretty surprised if this map ended up in stalemates as it is now.
walkerboh01 (04/16/2015 03:19am):
I added this back to New. I wouldn't mind seeing some more test games, I think this may have
S-Rank potential.
Jackie Milton (09/19/2015 10:56pm):

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