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Lakes For Sale (Design Map by Mori)
Categories: A-Rank, High Funds

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Rating: 6.80 in 5 ratings
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Mori (09/12/2011 04:31pm):
Hit a patch of writers block in general. Partially inspired by two terrible Company of Heroes
maps, this is my first real attempt at a Lab map. While wasting several hours of my life
reformatting an external drive, I debated splitting the right and left labs into two labs each, so
that there'd be 3 labs for each player, but I really don't know, I haven't made a lab map yet.
Other than that, the map will probably choke a lot and there's a lot of contested stuff on the
sides, but hey, what do I know. I've definitely made much better than this in the past, but I
won't improve my mapping by making the same style map over and over again.

If you want references on those two awful CoH maps, here ya go:


There are plenty of amazing Company of Heroes maps (Like Angoville or Duclair), but only a
few of them really transfer to AWBW well (Like Red Ball Express).

Comments and critiques are always appreciated. They're usually the main reason some of
my maps turn out decent.


Edit 1: Blew up the shoal bridge through the center, opened up the side fronts a little. So no
more bridge chokepoint straight to the other side of the map, but there's less total fronts I
Last Edited on 09/12/2011 04:52pm
airob (09/15/2011 10:35am):
There is a symetry problem. there is a path of forests between the seaport and airport on the
north, while on the south it is closed, making it impossible for ground units to pass.
Mori (09/16/2011 02:06pm):
Oh god damn, that is a big issue. Getting on fixing that immediately. In the meantime,
feedback on the map other than that would be great, but thanks for pointing it out.

Edit 1: Fixed. That's the second time I've ever done that. Anyways, actual feedback on the
map would be fantastic. If you feel the map is terrible, then point out why it's terrible so I can
edit it accordingly. Lack of feedback is the only reason why I don't make maps more
because there's no good way to improve my mapping without it.
Last Edited on 09/16/2011 02:12pm
Peapo (10/18/2011 03:27am):
I really like this map. The nice spread of mountain and forest makes it look really
natural, and I like the lake in the middle as well.

Having said that, the amount of mountains and the proximity of the bases are what
kill this map gameplay-wise. It just seems like the game would get too cluttered
and favors copter spam/mech. And if you took out the airports, it would just get too

My suggestions:
1) Take off the mountain tile next to the port (From blue's side port, one square
right and one down). Reason I suggest this is to give more mobility to vehicles
(they will still be slowed down by forests) and that way they can get around instead
of having to go through that path.

2) If you don't want to take the mountain tile off, then I suggest a lander/black boat
for each player so that they can get around a little better.

Otherwise, I love the originality and risk of using so many mountain tiles. The map
looks great!
Mori (10/21/2011 12:09pm):
Thanks so much for the feedback. I agree entirely that this map is too chokey, and I have
ideas for opening it up more that will likely fundamentally change the fronts (Hopefully for the

I'd love to edit it now, but there's about 6 or so games going on it. In the meantime, other
stuff. It seems that in almost every single game I've watched on it so far, at one point or
another the two side labs fall under control of one of the two players, which is great, but it
doesn't affect the game much directly. I'm up for ideas centered around making them more
important to the game.

Most of my newer maps are trying to push for a less centralized HQ so common to AWBW
maps and more "I have locations to defend that are nearly on top of the contested fronts", to
encourage, among other things, more quick and decisive games. I like the idea of having to
budget for multiple fronts. I also like the idea that if you lose an important front, the game is
almost immediately over instead of a slow win or loss over the course of the next 10 turns.

In short, future edits will likely include huge changes, including moving the labs so that all of
them actively see fighting throughout the match. I want players to feel as though they are in
danger of losing throughout the match, forced to defend miniature HQs across the battlefield.
The center lake will likely shrink, the backfield ones may become larger, and the two side
fronts will be opened to maybe two open and two chokey fronts. Ports may be removed but
landers/blackboats may be added.
Mori (10/22/2011 02:07pm):
The dreaded phantom 1. Not that anyone really cares about numerical ratings, and not that
they should to begin with.

I wonder how this map would play out if it was redesigned with High Funds in mind,
considering how chokey it is right now. It'd need a lot of changes to accommodate that
style of play but it's an idea I'm toying with right now.
Last Edited on 10/22/2011 02:23pm
Hellraider (11/04/2011 08:06pm):
I do think it is better to have normal HQs and the FTA countering inf on the base so it captures the neutral base
first. Balance isn't really better the way it is now, and an extended period of time of only building infantry doesn't
help an already choky map. I noticed a lot of your maps have tons of forests and mountains, which isn't a bad thing
per se, but you need something to prevent stalemating. The airport placement is kind of very weird btw, I have the
feeling the first one to build a copter gains a huge advantage.
Mori (11/05/2011 12:49am):
Yup, it's a pretty shitty map overall, but infinite Z games = never get to edit. I do appreciate
the suggestions though, as always, and I love the idea of Z games essentially compelling
people to play new maps.

I did make heavy terrain work pretty well on Red Ball Express and more recently Eriatarka,
imo. Excessive plains make for boring play, but so do pointless mountain/forest chokepoints,
which this map has in spades. It will be nuked and paved when I can.
Last Edited on 11/05/2011 12:55am
Mori (11/14/2011 01:07am):
So I know the map used to look really nice aesthetically, but I'm gonna be honest when I
say I really don't care too much about visuals when it comes to AWBW maps. Map has been
redesigned so that it still works with normal funds but can be played with High Funds now,
since High Funds seems to lead to many interesting strategies even on maps that were never
intended for that gameplay style.

3 bases, 4 fronts. Broke down the nice mountain terrain for much less heavy routes
through the map. Takes a lot of inspiration from Strategos.
Last Edited on 11/14/2011 01:13am

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