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Heroes Die (Design Map by Mori)
Categories: A-Rank, High Funds, Mixed Base

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Mori (09/16/2011 03:49pm):
Entirely redesigned for specifically High Funds, since apparently that got popular or
something sometime. As I haven't actually made a High Funds map yet, I will definitely need
advice on how to improve it.

Everything below the dash is about the old version of the map, which I'll keep here for now I


This map was heavily inspired by a (surprise, surprise) Company of Heroes custom map,
Depots, by MajFauxPas. An overhead of the map can be found here:


All my maps look the same derp. Made this at work because boooooored. Still really could
use some advice on how to actually make Lab maps. Couldn't think of a good pre-owned city
to give GS so two infantry start it is. As always, I pretty much only make maps so other
more experienced mappers can tear them apart, so comments and critiques are always

Edit 1: Destroyed the nice looking mountains at the top and bottom for a longer river. The map
now aesthetically looks different but is still functionally the same, just worse cover in an area
that wouldn't have seen too much combat anyways. Added beaches in the corner sea tiles.

Edit 2: Desperately want to edit the bland plains stretches to have more roads and change up
the terrain a bunch in general, but I'll wait until people finish their games and then go from
Last Edited on 10/24/2011 03:07pm
Mori (10/24/2011 03:33pm):
Will start some test games when the thumbnail changes. I'm not a very good AWBW player but
the map needs to be tested.
bohwalker (11/07/2011 01:55am):
I think you are going to see more bomber spam than could ever be healthy. I'd limit it to one
airport if I were you... Other than that the map is huge, but looks like it should do alright.
Mori (11/12/2011 04:34pm):
So I edited a ton of stuff. The major gameplay differences outside of terrain changes are
slightly changed FTA stuff, less airports, and a significant amount of new bases. I really
want to see how that last bit will play out in particular. Corner bases should be able to take
advantage of the new heavier terrain to survive longer, and the areas around the towers are
still open enough for tank nonsense, but it'll be a bit different with the only airports on the map
right next to that now. What chokepoints are on the map are there to encourage people to be
aggressive and capture the neutral cities in more open ground as quickly as possible.

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