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(2)Killer Field v0.25 (Design Map by Chilin-Rush_FTK)
Categories: A-Rank

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Rating: 6.75 in 4 ratings
Map Committee Rating: 7.00 in 1 rating
blozzee (09/19/2011 10:19am):
you missed a sea tile at the back of a mountain
Last Edited on 09/19/2011 12:22pm
Headphone (09/19/2011 03:43pm):
I'm guessing that this is meant for high funds...
walkerboh01 (09/19/2011 07:33pm):
If it is, it probably needs a better FTA counter and less airports.
blozzee (09/20/2011 06:51am):
I would reduce the amount of cities..it's too much for my taste
Headphone (09/20/2011 05:42pm):
I'm guessing I was wrong about this being a high funds map..
xushu (10/19/2011 11:20pm):
I played it and found it to be enjoyable. Max is a nice option, and I imagine the other movement
COs would do well here too. The towers are a little too easy to get to as well... I would rather
they be not in the center. Don't forget to ban Javier either~ solid 8 as it stands.
walkerboh01 (11/07/2011 02:06am):
Still think it needs less airports. The tower could use a fix too, as xushu mentioned. I'll give it a 7
for now.
pen (08/07/2012 09:57pm):
needs to be a forest five spaces to right of top right comtower.
Last Edited on 08/07/2012 09:58pm

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