Creator: notsofunwes || First Published: 09/27/2011 || Players: 2 || Size: 33x33
Categories: A-Rank, Mixed Base
Rating: 9.00 in 1 rating
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notsofunwes (09/27/2011 05:16pm | Edited: 09/27/2011 05:26pm):
What the hell is going on in this map

What I'm most concerned about:
-Balancing 5 base map, if it works (probably not) and what should be changed
-Predeployed BBs (landers? placement?). I kind of wanted them to be about halfway between
both viable load/drop points so players have to choose which place they want their
infantry filling in
-I hate comm towers, but I decided to put on in for gits and shiggles

I will come to your house and castrate you if you have nothing worth saying on this map.
Ladies, you won't have a uterus in place of the castration. >:(
walkerboh01 (09/27/2011 10:07pm | Edited: 09/27/2011 11:26pm):
Well since you asked so nicely, and since I've heard castration is kind of annoying...

The balance will be really hard to tell without playing a few games. There's so many bases
and so many different things going on that it will be hard to say if one side is really at a
disadvantage or not. Especially because some bases are much more important than others,
and because tank count might not be as important as it would be in other games, etc.

I think I'd kind of like to see the bases on the middle island separated a bit more too. It seems
pretty closely packed in there. I think the placement of the bboats is fine, although I'm not
sure exactly how useful they'll be. There aren't many shoals in important places, except for
on the sides. Maybe you have some express purpose in mind for them, but I think i'm
missing it.

Comm towers should be fine, and the number of bases/airports is probably okay for the size
of the map. I doubt you'll see much use of naval units, but I could be wrong.

The only other thing for me is that the terrain in the very center seems a little sparse. A
couple missile silos or road paths would look very nice I think.
FunkyChunk (09/28/2011 02:55pm | Edited: 09/28/2011 02:58pm):
Having any 2x2 clumps of plains tends to look weird to me, but there's not really anything
wrong with it. At least, I can keep telling myself that and stop myself from crying and
vomiting in disgust.

Really there's only thing I can see that might seriously be an issue. On the lower
left/upper right islands where GE/YC have their lone base (in the middle next to the
neutral base and city), a rocket plopped down on the city can cover the comm tower, which
could be potentially annoying and all that. It looks not so fun, Wes.

Also, it's neat to see a map split symmetrically along a diagonal line.

Also, I don't know why would have to inform females that they won't be getting an extra
uterus in place of castration. Why would they expect that?
notsofunwes (09/29/2011 03:53pm):
I would de-uterize females instead of castrating them.

Edited island bases for separation, moved com towers one space out. Changed the center
port to a city. The roads look pretty weird in the center, but the diagonal split makes it
a bit tougher to make it look good. Thank God I had HP's map maker to do most of this
otherwise it would've taken me 5 hours to ensure it to be symmetrical.

It's a choatic map, which is what I was going for. Enemy all around you, pick your units
wisely. I think the top left should be interesting; it is sort of a race to cut off your
opponent from gaining those funds.

Part of my seaport idea was to have landers/bboats only come out of one while the other
could make sea defenses and force your opponent to build against that, and it escalates
from there. That is, if people decide to go for naval units.
Headphone (09/29/2011 08:01pm):
What is this, how do I start a game?
blanci1 (09/30/2011 10:20am):
The version I see is very realistic/good looking terrain
And big maps are generally very enjoyable ...
just a couple of possible issues... the comms are fairly contested... a pity if someone
gets both and game finishes early.
And there might be quite a bit of clicking with 7 factories plus 3ports plus 2airbases
each...and thus quite a lot of infantry spam... perhaps cut down factories to 5 each
...after test games ?.
Well worth the considerable effort !
notsofunwes (09/30/2011 11:30am):
Considering the placement of the bases, I disagree that there will be as much infantry
spam. The contested comm tower is sort of balanced by the one base surrounded by two enemy
bases (SW/NE) on either side. Perhaps if I remove that neutral base it might be more

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