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Agitated (Design Map by Shredder)
Categories: S-Rank

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Rating: 8.80 in 10 ratings
Map Committee Rating: 8.50 in 2 ratings
walkerboh01 (12/01/2011 05:45am):
Quite impressed with this map at first impression, and my test game is just reinforcing my
opinion. Good job!
walkerboh01 (01/01/2012 07:26am):
I think opening up the fronts just a little would be nice. A couple less mountains or missile tiles or
forests - even rearranging the central cities a little would work. It'd also be nice to have the ports
in a position where a bship could be useful.

8/10 for now, could be more with appropriate edits.
hetchel (01/08/2012 05:13pm):
I agree with Walker.
I feel a bit sad about the lack of action around the islands.
Maybe we could have handled better the boats initially: if one side keeps some fuel, he
can threaten to go get the other side cities from an undefended island, forcing the
opponent to build another boat. But it's such a long-term strategy, it's not clear if it
would really be better.
Or we could have built other bboats and tried to invade the islands.

Shredder (03/02/2012 03:08am):
Agreed. I have added some ports to the corner islands so that battleships can be produced on
both sides of the map. That will probably help to soften up some of the tougher fronts too.
blozzee (07/18/2013 02:14am):
One of the best 1v1 map I ever played. If you ever stuck in a stalemate on this map, don't
worry because Battleship will coming through into the end of the game.
Last Edited on 07/18/2013 02:16am
Mori2 (09/10/2013 12:10pm):
This probably deserves to be in the Global League.
Red11 (03/06/2014 02:48am):
Surely this would be better with airpower, and maybe pre-deployed carriers.
blanci1 (04/11/2014 06:47am):
This is very interesting to play with lots of very different options quite early such as whether to buy boat to grab
islands or buy heavy for main land battle.. Timing Could be critical .

It would be nice to have another similar map with air to, as red11 says, which could be even more fun..BUT the
present map without air does present some rather difficult challenges so should be kept too imo.

We can simply have both. Any budding map-makers fancy a shot?
...perhaps some misiles on islands too, and increase funding. And towers, go the whole hog or whatever
This should be particularly fun in fog.
Slazzy (04/08/2015 07:56pm):
& air units. edit: stupid note..
Last Edited on 04/14/2015 08:27am

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