Creator: Walker Boh || First Published: 12/05/2011 || Players: 2 || Size: 25x22
Categories: S-Rank, Hall of Fame
Rating: 7.31 in 48 ratings
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Walker Boh (03/12/2012 05:03pm | Edited: 03/16/2012 05:50am):
Used to be for piperunners, now it's for broken COs?
pen (04/07/2012 10:32pm):
Still.... FTA counter is a bit too strong. PC could stand to lose an infantry.
Mori2 (04/30/2012 12:40am):
Wow, very few comments on such a stylish map. I may have to get a game or two on this
walkerboh01 (05/26/2012 06:31pm):
It doesn't have any comments because it never showed up on the Maps page, because I
unpublished it for a couple days after making it so I could work on it. =)
blanci1 (10/21/2014 11:27pm | Edited: 11/26/2014 08:11pm):
Very interesting kind of map with lots of curious features due to pipe and has mixed
/scattered bases too. Great to see this kind of map included in official global league.
At first may seem chokey or standoffish due to quantious central pipes, but there are
various unbalancing options which may lead to good fluid battle... need to see some
adventurous games .
blozzee (11/28/2014 07:10am):
Its very hard to find a balance mix map on on awbw but this one kind of nail it.
Mori2 (12/02/2014 05:21pm | Edited: 12/02/2014 05:21pm):
Yeah, I agree, this map is very creative.
walkerboh01 (12/21/2014 12:07am):
The really cool thing about this map in my opinion is that it's also relatively balanced for broken
walkerboh01 (01/22/2015 01:49am):
Removing this map from Under Review, I think it has been shown to be a very capable Rotation
Map and worthy of its S-Rank.

I think this map worked really well. The combination of pressure due to the 2v1 situation and the
introduction of a support route via breaking the pipe seam in the mid-game is really solid. As
blanci said, many dynamics that lead to fluid battles with lots of unusual unit combinations and

10/10 to me.
blanci1 (01/27/2015 02:37am):
...just finished a game here against BMB.. very interesting back and forth with rockets
and copters. BMB found interesting agressive line but got carried away and forgot his
normal solid defense. Also i think neither of us even noticed possibility of pipe runner.
wow. i dont even know the price , think i never had one before in all my years at awbw.
crazy. would like to play this map again.
Also would be good to hear comments from others who played this map.
Mori2 (07/16/2015 05:39pm):
I might move this map back into rotation, it's received almost entirely positive feedback from the playerbase and the
Map Committee alike.
the-deadly-shadow (10/04/2017 12:43pm):
I was initially somewhat negative about this map, but I now realizes it is great. There
are so many interesting decisions to be made.

Do you build a black boat/lander?
Do you build a pipe-runner?
Do you free the airport?
Do you build a T-copter?
Do you missile lock your oponents airport?
Do you go agressive?

The only thing that could make it better, would be a pre-deployed cruiser. 9/10
JJEmpire64 (05/29/2019 08:26pm):
One of the best all-time maps on the site, IMO.
tbworld (12/14/2020 12:07pm):
First comment on a map for me but this one takes the cake! I love how much thinking is involved just in deciding where to
spend your money. And then there's which routes to attack and which to defend. Love It!
daveanon (02/18/2021 12:48pm):
Choosing max on this was a mistake

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