(2) Lakes Castell
Creator: blozzee || First Published: 12/24/2011 || Players: 2 || Size: 37x25
Categories: A-Rank, High Funds
Rating: 5.50 in 6 ratings
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blozzee (12/24/2011 10:47am | Edited: 02/01/2012 05:37pm):
My 2nd high fund map

Starting Funds per-property: 2000-2500
Labs unit : Battleship, Rocket, Stealth
Ban Units: Black Bomb and maybe Stealth
CO ban: Hachi, Kanbei, Grit

and Marry X-mas to everyone \^^/
walkerboh01 (02/01/2012 04:51pm):
This map is just massive, but I think it should play pretty well. 7/10.
Bluemediumtank (07/13/2020 04:12pm):
Give BM an extra for FTA

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