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Masked Fury (Design Map by Walker Boh)
Categories: Fog of War, Global League, Hall of Fame, S-Rank

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Rating: 7.28 in 25 ratings
Map Committee Rating: 9.25 in 4 ratings
Headphone (01/03/2012 05:22am):
Nice Ghost 1, btw
NekoMithos (01/03/2012 02:54pm):
Indeed :/
walkerboh01 (01/03/2012 04:42pm):
At least it wasn't a 0.
xushu (02/03/2012 03:57pm):
Nifty.. I think I'll give this one a try~

Edit: After wonderfully forgetting how to play in FoW, the map seems to play out fine. I would
need a few more goes at it to really judge it, I think...
Last Edited on 02/15/2012 07:59pm
Mori2 (04/24/2013 10:29am):
Underrated map, could use more games.
Mori2 (07/13/2014 05:57pm):
Added to Global League as of July 13th, 2014.
Last Edited on 07/13/2014 06:32pm
Nyvelion (10/12/2016 01:11pm):
Masked Fury... it's like the name a Luchador would have.

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