Black Patch War
Creator: Walker Boh || First Published: 01/03/2012 || Players: 2 || Size: 24x22
Categories: S-Rank, Hall of Fame
Rating: 7.42 in 36 ratings
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Ruins of Time (01/03/2012 07:56pm):
Walker Boh (01/03/2012 07:58pm | Edited: 01/03/2012 07:59pm):
Map sucks, 1/10.
NekoMithos (01/03/2012 08:12pm):
I agree with walker, this map sucks because FTA. 10/10.
ProtoDemn (07/12/2012 09:12am):
Walker and Neko say the map sucks, meanwhile its a League map.....well, somebody was wrong
Aero91most (09/12/2012 09:31am):
there are two ports surrounded with beachs.. and a lots of beaches makes that the spiral
is useless
walkerboh01 (03/15/2013 12:17am):
Without the shoals this map would be incredibly stupid. The spiral is just for pretty aesthetics,
the shoals are for good gameplay.
blanci1 (02/27/2014 08:18am):
This map plays well ... One does have to be carefull and consider the beach crossing points of course.
@ Aero...So yeah it doesnt play like a classic spiral, but variety is good.

There are a few proper spirally maps elsewhere
For example Churning Seas
Is a simple spiral arrangement..with some interesting gameplay twists.
Proper spirally maps with no or few land crossings can be very interesting especially in fog when unexpected
indirects or air or naval crossings can throw a spanner in the works.
Ryba (02/04/2015 01:57pm | Edited: 02/07/2015 04:29pm):
This map sucks. The ports close to the airports are landlocked so no ship can actually
move. Completely horrible design.

Edit: After speaking with the map maker I feel the need to refine my above comments. The
intention of the ports is to prevent overpowering ships like battleships (and probably
carriers) from being created and taken to the heart of the battle due to how overpowered
they can be. Black Boats and Transports do work however and are the main purpose of having
those ports there so that it is possible to carry units into the heart of the battle quickly.
walkerboh01 (02/06/2015 02:40am):
Flawless logic.
Ryba (02/07/2015 08:20am):
I'll repeat again since it doesn't seem to be understood in general,

there are 2 ports on this map that is designed to be a death trap. You cannot move the
units out and the person who commented about moving out diagonally is just flat out wrong
as well. No unit can move diagonally for starters and the 2 beaches on either side trap it
so the ports are nothing more then a way for you to waste money and it is not really
intuitive by any means to have a unit production silo that cannot produce usable units.

That is the "flawless logic" for my rating this map poorly.
walkerboh01 (02/07/2015 01:24pm | Edited: 02/07/2015 01:25pm):
The diagonal movement was a joke, Nyvelion is very sarcastic. Thank you for elaborating on
your original point. You have a valid criticism that it is a bit of a new player trap, but I think it is a
mistake that you will make once and never again.

Anyways, the ports can produce usable units - those units just aren't called battleships. I put the
port there to facilitate naval transport usage, which can be used to block off the 1-tile wide shoal
bridges where fighting occurs. In addition the transports are useful for moving your units to the
center of the action more quickly. I think this dynamic works very well on the map and provides
interesting strategic options for players.

On the other hand, battleships are brokenly good here so the shoals serve to lock them in.
Perhaps we should make battleships a banned unit for League games to avoid the newbie trap,
I will consider it. But in general falling for unintended newbie traps is not the reason that new
players lose games... ;)
Madd Maxx (03/19/2015 03:48pm):
second turn advantage. fix that and i give it 10/10 instead of 9/10
Ryba (09/04/2015 08:50am):
What does 2nd turn advantage mean? I'm quite familiar with boards that give FTA but I
haven't really seen any that give a STA and am curious to know how this does that. I've
played this one many times both 1st and 2nd without seeming any imbalance save for people
getting over aggressive without the funds to sustain said aggressions.
Mori2 (05/12/2020 05:53pm):
Just move diagonally.

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