Creator: Mori2 || First Published: 01/08/2012 || Players: 2 || Size: 18x13
Categories: A-Rank, Teleport Tile
Rating: 4.67 in 3 ratings
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Grit Snipe map maker (01/08/2012 10:57pm):
I see either get a base or make it easer to beat your opponent by capturing one of the two Labs.
Mori2 (01/15/2012 06:23pm):
Moved labs because the original placement was a boring concept.
airob (01/26/2012 04:19pm):
Mori2 (01/26/2012 04:37pm):
Explain? Hard to go off of one phrase, so I can only assume that you believe penguins
have the advantage here.
Walker Boh (02/01/2012 06:17pm):
It's because CI can get 2 bases first, while RF can get only one. I don't think it should
be too bad, since the last neutral base will take a while to get to.
Mori2 (02/02/2012 01:04pm | Edited: 02/02/2012 11:35pm):
I can design it with 3 starting bases if you guys think that would be better. Up to you.

Edit: Thanks to everyone who's been helping me test out these maps, especially the black tile
ones. Changed the start so it no longer involves a Mech. Still debating on that 3 base start.
walkerboh01 (02/07/2012 12:09am):
3 starting bases makes it worse, for sure.
Mori2 (02/07/2012 09:04pm | Edited: 02/07/2012 09:05pm):
It's a bit straightforward right now, but that doesn't make it a bad map, just uninspired. The
center black tiles are generally used to give tanks a good offensive edge + a fill in for an
infantry meatshield, which was the idea. It's seen very little use as a shield for artillery
because the rest of the map is really too open to get artillery out that early, and there are
much better locations for arty than center, which was, again, what I predicted. So it's still
basic inf-tank-arty, but it's fun and good for quick games.

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