Fantasy of Middle Earth
Creator: valof133 || First Published: 02/01/2012 || Players: 1 || Size: 40x40
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Rating: 5.40 in 5 ratings
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valof133 (02/01/2012 08:55pm | Edited: 10/20/2013 05:52pm):
This is a true and accurate map of Middle Earth than previous attempts on the subject.
The general idea here is Men, Elves, and Dwarves VS. Sauron. Labs instead of HQ's for the
free peoples of Middle Earth for each race (there are multiple cultures and areas
established for each race, and if one such civilization is destroyed - the remaining
people of that race can still possibly fight on).

Yet Sauron has only one main sanctuary in Barad Dur that he cannot lose (Sauron does not
leave Barad Dur until he destroys all civilizations and/or finds the One Ring to gain back his
full power).
Winning would allowing him to go anywhere in any physical form; and thereby also gaining the
power to finally challenge/attack Valinor with ALL of Middle Earth ravaged, depopulated, and

This map is meant to be played as a team game, 3 vs. 1. Blue Moon will have the greater
challenge - as consistent with the storyline.

Orange Star - Dwarves
Green Earth - Elves
Blue Moon - Men
Black Hole - The Evil horde of Orcs, Trolls, and other such minions of Morgoth

dota2 (02/02/2012 07:23pm):
fail map
valof133 (02/02/2012 11:15pm | Edited: 10/20/2013 05:54pm):
Thanks very much for the very detailed and informative constructive criticism dota2.
A map designed to be consistent with the storyline cannot also truly be a "balanced" map.
pen (02/29/2012 09:21pm):
I think Black Hole is a bit under powered. Try to throw in some neutral cities to break
the monotony of the empty spaces. I also don't think it is quite fair that the GE HQ is
under constant threat by BH bases, maybe it should be a lab instead?
valof133 (03/01/2012 08:00pm | Edited: 03/01/2012 08:05pm):
Response to pen: That would mean that GE has no HQ. I wanted to make sure that all
the "races" have ONE HQ, but perhaps all countries should just have all labs then- I don't
know; but at least the GE HQ is only next to ONE BH base. It just makes sense that if the
elves would have an HQ, it would be Rivendell- which is right next to the "Goblin gate" as in
the story. It's part of the challenge to GE! Remember, BH can only move infantry units out of
those mountain bases anyways.
BH does have mountain protection in Mordor and can defend relatively well against
others, even 3 vs. 1, so I'm not sure it's underpowered as much as you think, but you might
be right in a sense that it could lead to BH being bogged down and won't be able to take
anything- might lead to a draw.
Neutral cities are a good idea, but maps I've seen of Middle Earth doesn't go into enough
detail about where other cities are, maybe I should just put in some anyways, I'll think on it.
pen (05/04/2012 09:54pm):
All I can say is labs, my friend..... Labs.......
valof133 (05/30/2012 10:23am):
Good point again Pen, I finally realized that the best way to go here would be for the
free peoples to have only labs, and for Sauron to have his HQ (my first comment edited to
pen (06/13/2012 06:46pm | Edited: 06/15/2012 12:31am):
Yes, now towards the end of the game I would still agree that BH is underpowered. BH is
just too scattered in the north and soon finds itself overwhelmed by indirect fire in the
mountains, and hordes of tanks in the forest. To top that off, he has to go toe-to-toe
with the humans. BH needs a comtower, more cities in his fortress, and maybe some
predeployed units like recons or tanks on the roads or something like little armies
scattered about the map. The map itself is a simple question of whether or not the orcs
can defeat the humans before the others can stop him in time with reinforcements.

-You don't have to capitalize pen if you don't want to.
demonhands (06/17/2012 02:41pm):
some thoughts and suggestions:
- the neutral base above blue should be BH;s, to represent Isengard.
-BH's bases in the Misty Mountains are too weak compared to greens. All they can do is
pump infantry and mechs, nothing else.
-The economy needs to be balanced. As it stands, BH is screwed because the combined
funds between red blue and green easily outweigh BH's
-as pen said, a comm tower or two will greatly help BH

all in all not a bad map but needs a lot of tweaking
pen (06/21/2012 05:47pm):
Yes, I have no idea what "middle earth" is. But whatever the case it IS a great map and all it
needs is some adjustments here and there to make the teams balanced.
valof133 (06/21/2012 11:51pm):
Guys, again thanks for the input. I was never really SURE about Isengard- at first I figured it
might be a comm tower because whoever controls/captures it (which would represent who
"convinces" the wizard to join his side, because Saruman can choose either the "good" or
"evil" path) gains more power or "wizardry help" from him; then I figured it might just be an
empty base which would represent additional manpower that the wizard provides, etc.

I should just make Mordor more powerful as suggested by demonhands and pen, I believe
both are correct. Then there's only the problem of making sure BM is not TOTALLY
screwed before help arrives. There are men and Dunadain (long lived men) in the north-
west part of Middle Earth that were not included exactly, so I have more ideas. For any
adjustments made, I will try to make sure it is still an accurate representation.

PS: btw pen, of course you know what "Middle Earth" is, that's just what Tolkien calls his
"area" of the planet during the storyline on the world of Arda, ... although I never understood
why it was called "Middle Earth" since the planet that Illuvatar created during this whole
fantasy/story is called Arda, so I suppose that it's REALLY supposed to be called "Middle
Arda"!!! It's funny that you brought this up because this never made sense to me haha.
Thanks pen and demonhands!
pen (07/01/2012 04:07pm):
lol still doesn't ring a bell sorry
pen (11/24/2012 08:31pm):
Is being an American a good excuse lol
o ice o v2 (07/29/2013 12:14pm):
pen (12/17/2013 01:19am):

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