Back-Flow River
Creator: Headphone || First Published: 01/19/2012 || Players: 2 || Size: 31x20
Categories: A-Rank, Heavy Naval, Mixed Base
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blozzee2 (01/20/2012 07:08pm):
River map map
walkerboh01 (01/20/2012 07:18pm):
I like what you did with the ports. You might even see a bit of a naval battle going on as
people try to prevent their bases from being bship-locked.

I'd recommend banning Sami though. A bboat + inf + SCOP could ruin someone's day.
Especially since the bases are 8 spaces away from the HQ, meaning a freshly built tank/AA
can't get there in one day to stop it.
Headphone (01/20/2012 09:51pm):
moved the hqs
Abroxas (02/26/2012 01:27pm):
This map is actually very cool for its naval part. It might tolerate some additional cities for an income like 38k-40k so
there would be more action on the sea.
Headphone (03/02/2012 08:50pm):
Looking at the replays, naval played a very small role to the battles.
I'll probably work on that someday.

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