Elsa Maria
Creator: Mori2 || First Published: 01/22/2012 || Players: 2 || Size: 25x21
Categories: A-Rank, Under Review, High Funds, Teleport Tile
Rating: 7.60 in 5 ratings
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Kataiser (01/22/2012 01:26am):
Headphone (01/22/2012 01:26am):
inb4 finished
Mori2 (01/22/2012 01:43am | Edited: 01/22/2012 01:53am):
Map name: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=usrixPKRyis

If you do nothing else, at least check that video out.
Corner airports replaced with bases.
Added black boats.

blozzee (01/22/2012 02:36am):
gah spoiler D:

Racon can sure really move very far in this map xD
Mori2 (01/22/2012 02:50am | Edited: 01/22/2012 02:58am):
Recon rushing should be pretty easy to punish with tanks in the following turns, plus the
map's start works for High Funds if you want to play it that way. That's actually why I love
this setup so much, you can play with a number of fund settings and it still works. I did
design it with standard 1k funds in mind, though.

I'm terrified of adding airports because of how easy it is to abuse the first copter situation.
Still considering it. I may actually switch out starting black boats for landers because I love
the shoal locations so much.
Rush_FTK (01/22/2012 04:10pm):
Eveytime when i see Mori's map,I think this is a new good maps in my eyes.
Almost the Black Square have been become a style of Mori's map.
But maybe the BS's map is difficult to FTA,In fact it real have a lot of FTA bugs..
The tanks or recon is too quickly to defence...maybe the game is more quickly and excting..
But if i put some IF to BS's oneside .... the opposite can't get anyway to this part...
So the Map is so interesting that I very like it...
Mori2 (01/22/2012 04:27pm):
Only testing will tell, which I'm currently in the middle of doing. And while I'm not a very good
AWBW player, I am always up for testing games on any of my maps against any player,

I appreciate the compliments, Rush_FTK. In terms of FTA, players will find it difficult to
infantry block the Black Square entrances and exits because of a number of factors. I
designed the entry points to be too wide to easily cover when camping them would create
stalemates, and you technically don't need to cross any areas that can be covered because
none of the labs reside in those areas, and camping there will simply allow your opponent to
quickly gain fund advantage. Infantry and Artillery will go a long way in mid-game control of
key cities, but Tanks can move so fast that you'll need to find a careful balance or you'll end
up losing key cities before you can cover them from capture in the first place.

Any areas where long range harassment behind black squads could become an issue are
easily flankable due to the number of routes through the map, and the ports allow Black
Boats and Landers to go essentially everywhere while restricting Battleship movement.

As it stands right now, I might need to move some cities in the NW and SE, along with adding
a back airport behind a pipe or something. I just really don't like early air on maps like these, it
destroys any sense of early game tactics.
Walker Boh (02/01/2012 07:21pm):
Comments... too... long...
Mori2 (02/02/2012 05:12pm):
This map is very fun, although I question whether I need another mountain or two center.
DuelStriker (03/01/2012 02:25pm):
This looks really interesting, can't wait to see how my game goes on this map.
Mori2 (03/01/2012 07:11pm | Edited: 03/24/2012 09:59am):
Like I mentioned, I think it needs a bit more heavy terrain. COs like Max, Grimm, and Von Bolt
are a bit too good right now compared to less tank heavy ones. I've always tried to explain
that artillery are never really the threat on non-chokey black tile maps, it's usually tanks. So
far, indirects have had very little play here, if at all.

But I'll keep an eye on the games, I could be wrong. At the very least, it does promote non-
traditional tactics.

Yeah so I take it back. Indirects are fantastic on the side fronts, which are really the main
fronts anyways. This map is still very cool even without the edits I had in mind for it.
Mori2 (05/09/2012 03:31am):
9. High Funds works well here, complex but easy to understand supply lines, decent mix of
direct and indirect combat. Very unique feel overall.
liandry (05/03/2016 12:18am):
9 for beauty (not just the map... and especially the name. hnnnngggg)

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