2-player island
Creator: AndIMustMask || First Published: 02/02/2012 || Players: 2 || Size: 20x20
Categories: A-Rank, Base Light
Rating: 7.00 in 3 ratings
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blozzee (02/02/2012 10:19am):
AndIMustMask (02/02/2012 01:51pm):
so should i just delete the infantry? any other problems on this? i'm kinda new to map design
xushu (02/02/2012 02:39pm):
A single pre-owned base is not typically advised; if you are going to have pre-owned bases,
you should have at least two to start with, and from that you can formulate the proper FTA
counter. If you have questions or ever need some insight into fair map making, you should
check out the Design Maps section of the ABWB forum.
blozzee (02/02/2012 03:35pm | Edited: 02/02/2012 03:36pm):
Other than that, com towers are too contested though which is kinda op for Javier if he
manage to grab both of them. The fund distribution is kinda small, thus I would prefer
having one port each on top and bottom in between middle of the map which will alow both
ways of sea units to pass.
AndIMustMask (02/02/2012 04:42pm):
i could swap the com towers with one of the base cities on opposite sides so they're not as
contested, probably move one of the factories towards the side and maybe open up the woods
a little--let's see how it turns out.
blozzee (02/02/2012 04:50pm | Edited: 02/02/2012 05:05pm):
you dont need to swap the com tower. Just shifted it tad closer inward to preown base for
one tile. Remove a mountain behind a city and replace the comtowers there.
AndIMustMask (02/02/2012 05:04pm):
well drat, i had already updated the map with those edits before i got to read your post. should i
put the com towers back (or close to) where they were before?
blozzee (02/02/2012 05:05pm | Edited: 02/02/2012 05:10pm):
er I didn;t mean you to move it near the preown base or else the map would be too
dull for a challenge. Here's a tips, you can place the comtower where ever you like as long as
it is not too contested or not too close to the pre own base >_>. The placement should be
just nice for incoming opponent unit giving enough pressure but at the sometime
maintaining balance where both side able to capture it.

Also every map should have at least preown base or else the map have STA issue.
blozzee (02/02/2012 05:18pm):
too contested, move the tower tad closer.
AndIMustMask (02/02/2012 05:27pm):
how about now?
blozzee (02/02/2012 05:45pm | Edited: 02/02/2012 05:58pm):
thats okey I think, you need to play test the map weather the placement of the towers are
balance enough for both sides, if it's imbalance, than move it tad closer again. Sometimes
placing few mountains near the towers would help covering the tower from being too expose
getting captured by enemy. Like in this map, the tower is kind of exposed in imo. I
think it's okey to place mountains covering the tower.

And also you forgot to add one infantry on BM base as apart of fta counter.
walkerboh01 (02/02/2012 05:47pm):
11 comments within 9 hours, and not a single double post. That has to be a record.
AndIMustMask (02/02/2012 05:59pm | Edited: 02/02/2012 06:31pm):
actually, i accidentally reposted my first post, but editted it once i saw it. no records to be had
here, i'm afraid.

(back on-topic) EDIT: moved those accordingly.
blozzee (02/02/2012 06:17pm):
yes, that would work =)
airob (02/02/2012 09:44pm):
I think this still needs an FTA counter, a BM infantry on the southest base should do the thing.
walkerboh01 (02/02/2012 09:48pm):
It needs a better name too. Not a bad map at all for a beginning map.
AndIMustMask (02/03/2012 08:04am):
that better? thanks for all the advice, by the way.
Headphone (02/03/2012 06:20pm):
It has a certain old school charm about it.
walkerboh01 (02/07/2012 12:07am):
I think it'd be nice to get rid of the mountain directly east/west of the towers. And moving one of
the cities near the HQ to a space 3-4 away from the western base (for BM).
walkerboh01 (03/26/2012 03:14pm):
IPS (04/25/2017 07:13pm):
It's me or the shape of the map remembers me a human brain?

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