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On and on (Design Map by Robz)
Categories: A-Rank, High Funds, Mixed Base

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Rating: 8.50 in 2 ratings
Map Committee Rating: 7.00 in 1 rating
Robz (02/07/2012 01:52am):
Trying my hand at a high funds maps, probably set them at 1500-2500? dont know if to remove a
couple cities. im not too sure about the counter myself but yeah.
walkerboh01 (02/07/2012 02:15am):
Those pairs of cities in the middle could cause problems. Contested cities seem to be even
more important in high funds, and rushing for them is a more viable strategy.

As for FTA counter, i'd say FTA right now simply because RF gets those 5 extra properties
faster. I realize the side fronts aren't really even, so that balances it out a bit, but I'd still say a
4th infantry (on the island) would be best.
airob (02/07/2012 03:46pm):
a 4th infantry just for CI? if i undertood you correctly? done.
Robz (02/07/2012 03:48pm):
dont know if that will cause problems because one side will send units to the center way
faster...what do you think?
Headphone (02/07/2012 04:20pm):
He meant 4 for both sides and make it so CI gets 2 of the factories before RF.
walkerboh01 (02/07/2012 07:40pm):
Robz (02/07/2012 09:52pm):
Roswell the Black Rose (02/08/2012 02:30am):
i just wonder if 4 bases are too many for HF maps.
airob (02/08/2012 03:38pm):
The bases on the island probably wont see much unit deployment because they can only send
one transport per day.
walkerboh01 (02/08/2012 06:39pm):
Missing a mountain on CI's island.

In general, I think you're probably right Roswell, 4 bases are a bit much. But it should be fine on
this map.
Desklamp (03/07/2012 06:38pm):
One transport a day is enough, since a lander can carry two units and you can have two
landers switch off.

Also, I think 4 bases is the right amount on a 55000/turn map, since with only 3 bases, you can
make 2 megatanks/turn and your opponent can't build enough artillery to stop you...
walkerboh01 (03/28/2012 03:07am):
Megatank spam might end up being the strategy anyways. I would play with 2000 funding
personally. 7/10.

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