(2) Level 567
Creator: blozzee2 || First Published: 02/13/2012 || Players: 2 || Size: 27x24
Categories: A-Rank, Teleport Tile
Rating: 7.00 in 2 ratings
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walkerboh01 (02/13/2012 11:39pm):
Can you make the CI fighter on the OS airport into an RF fighter? So that they're facing
opposite directions and the colors match? Haha.

Map looks good overall, though some of the shoals look ugly (the ones not bordered by any
land, for example), The black tile line for the port is kind of interesting, but it's kind of hard to
say exactly what impact it will have on the game. Map might also be a little choky and spread
out in places.

blozzee (02/14/2012 12:51am | Edited: 03/20/2012 07:27pm):
I was still fixing the map while you were commenting. Personally I have no clue why the
shoals have to look so retarded, but it should look better now.

So basically I try to make fog map with random weather setup, and this came out from my
mind. It's a remake of Native Faith map with better option for unit to move around using
shoals and roads.Fog in weather game really have interesting feature such as limiting
vision on
certain weather. Hopefully the game would be balance on this kind of map.

Aside from that, CO like Olaf and Drake might be OP or if not, they are the high tiers on
this setup.Labs unit would preferably be Stealth and Neotanks..and I guess that's pretty
much all about it.

I think I need t to shift that com tower to the middle..Tthe placement of current com
towers looks boring >_>
walkerboh01 (03/28/2012 02:50am):
Preowned landers in the black tile ocean could potentially be pretty interesting. As it is now,
games will take a while to develop. 7/10 for me.
DuelStriker (07/25/2012 11:50pm):
For a second, I thought that you could send units other than piperunners to the center...
I guess not though. That might be interesting though.

Otherwise I agree with walker. 7/10

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