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3v3 Specialized Strife (Design Map by Squadillah!)
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Rating: 8.57 in 7 ratings
Map Committee Rating: 6.00 in 1 rating
Saw_Tooth (03/02/2012 11:43pm):
This map is great.
Fighting with all three terrains to work together.
Com Towers are good motivation to move fast.
Every country has their own advantage.
Lots of options and strategies.
Shadow Star (03/03/2012 04:21pm):
Now that that comment is out of the way, It's time to be critical and look for any problems to
help instead of just gushing over what seems to be good.

FTA counter's not exactly right. turn order is ABBBAA, which isn't in it of itself wrong. but
with 14K starting funds, 3 infantry isn't quite an appropriate counter. You might want to
remove the starting cities for the non sea countries. at 60K funds per side roughly, that's
roughly 20K per country. which is fine.
Production facilities are balanced to the amount of non production 1:3 is a decent ratio.
you could spruce up the map witha few more trees. and breaking up the roads with a little
variety beyond being straight so much for the central area.
The middle seems too orderly, and the two com tower islands also seem too orderly.

I think the only real things that I think should be worked on would be just a little more terrain,
there's a lot of plains that could be broken up with just a few forests near the shoals to help
with FoW maps. And the slight fta issue.
recklessAbandon (03/04/2012 09:29pm):
Take a step back

Its 2 bees
walkerboh01 (03/11/2012 08:23pm):
Cool sprite, but that's about it. There isn't nearly enough actual contested space for a 3v3 battle;
most of the map is just taking up space for properties that will be easily captured. Changing
around base patterns to promote more conflict could do a lot of good.
Squadillah! (03/18/2012 07:20pm):
Turn order changed to ABBBAA and starting infantry have been removed.

Significant terrain changes. More road routes. Added forests to break up planes. More
forests also increase FoW options, especially the forests near shoals. Mountains and empty
silos added for variety.

Increased size of north and south islands for a larger battlefield and better access by
landers. Double Com tower count to increase urgency to capture and turn tides of war.

Ground countries have base slightly closer to center.

Thanks for the help. Glad to receive any more constructive criticisms.
BobCW (08/23/2016 04:53pm):
This is one of the coolest-looking maps on the site, it's a shame the production facilities are so limited though. Wish
there was some way to copy this map into the editor, since obv. the author isn't coming back.

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