Creator: Walker Boh || First Published: 03/08/2012 || Players: 2 || Size: 26x23
Categories: S-Rank, Global League, Mixed Base
Rating: 5.62 in 29 ratings
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Walker Boh (03/08/2012 12:54am):
For broken CO matches?
zaaps1 (04/03/2012 07:03pm):
...... (04/15/2012 10:11pm | Edited: 04/16/2012 04:59pm):
what the hell is this?
walkerboh01 (04/27/2012 05:45am):
Looks like a map to me.
BXHD (07/21/2012 01:55pm):
If you can call it a map...
Mori2 (02/27/2013 04:16pm):
Underappreciated map here. The tower mechanic alone is cool, but the the rest of the map is
awesome to boot.
walkerboh01 (03/14/2013 11:43pm):
Before throwing this in the league, just reassure yourself that the 3-preowned-base setup is
relatively balanced. Also confirm that the HQ position isn't problematic, since it is relatively
exposed. I think the potential base-trade mechanic works well for this map, and otherwise don't
have much else to say about it.
Mori2 (03/15/2013 04:19am):
The HQ has been fine in all playthroughs I have had on it. The 3-preowned-base setup also
seems to be fine, but that is slightly harder to analyze from only a few games.
flutterguy1 (04/08/2013 12:47am):
seems to be whoever wins the ports win
Walker Boh (07/07/2013 06:54pm):
You realize both sides can each win a port?
Xmo5 (08/08/2013 03:29pm):
Huzzah! I was the first player in 166 games to build a piperunner on this map :P

Apparently it was the only land unit to never have been used on this map apart from
missiles (a little surprising with 4 airports & 166 games) While I'm here, black bombs are
the only air unit not yet used (no surprise there) and obviously not many naval units have
been used at all; only bboats and battleships.
rusty4tw (03/10/2014 10:26pm):
adder andy grimm jake jess kindle koal rachel sonja
matt208 (03/22/2014 12:22am):
this all over the public games page!
Nyvelion (04/14/2015 04:17am | Edited: 05/27/2015 04:00pm):
I deleted my original two comments on this map because I was worried they sounded stupid.
I will attempt to bring them back by recreating them as accurately as I can possibly
remember them.

The first one was in reply to this:
"adder andy grimm jake jess kindle koal rachel sonja "

My comment went something like this:
"Yes indeed good sir, those are several fine examples of the CO's of Advance Wars! I
believe your list to be a decent start on the path to being a list of genius and
excellence, but there are still quite a few examples missing."

The second one was in reply to this:
"this all over the public games page!"

I believe this is almost exactly, if not exactly, what my original response said:
"A masterful observation! You have shown your exceptional powers of perception and wisdom to
have made this discovery! I too have trekked to the public games page, and have been able
to verify that your hypothesis was absolutely correct!"
ichbinsehselber (07/01/2018 10:12am):
putting the second com tower on the island makes Javier 2T somewhat unattractive for
competition of the broken COs on this map. This is my only criticism at this point.
Otherwise great map
knocklok (01/28/2020 02:19am):
this map is so hard to push/defend
CoInCiDenCe (02/02/2021 02:57pm):
I wanted to choose Javier on this map but the 2T denied it.
But most of the game they aren't accessible because fund for that extra T-copter is usually unrealistic.
Maybe change the tower to something not that vital and it still can boost the owner in the late game.
schil227 (04/30/2021 05:39pm):
...the game was rigged from the start.
Brun0BR (07/21/2021 11:28am):
*Gun sound*

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