I should be sleeping
Creator: Kataiser || First Published: 03/12/2012 || Players: 2 || Size: 14x14
Categories: A-Rank, Fog of War
Rating: 7.50 in 2 ratings
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Kataiser (03/12/2012 12:09am | Edited: 05/18/2012 11:14am):
This map is probably a terrible idea. I am tired and I made this thing.
Tell me if I screwed up the symmetry.

Also ban Piperunners maybe.

Edit: Made Piperunners less hilarious, got rid of neutral bases. I'll probably tweak small things I see when I'm
less busy. And I might make more maps on my phone. It's surprisingly easier.
Might choke hard as well. And I thought about starting Mechs on the mid bases, but I dunno on that.

Edit 2: Changed a lot of terraining and some spacing. The openness has become a lot more severe, but the
issues fixed were worse than the issues created, I think.
Kataiser (03/12/2012 09:22am):
whoops didn't publish it
marxistplot (03/12/2012 10:21am):
Definitely ban pipe runners, also it's a little too small to be a 6 base map..
DuelStriker (03/12/2012 02:36pm):
Not bad. It's just a little too roady though.
Walker Boh (03/12/2012 03:01pm):
I'd like to see the comm towers a lot less contested.
Mori2 (03/12/2012 03:53pm):
Love the comm tower move, like the small use of pipes. Could maybe use another mountain or
two somewhere, but it looks good right now.
Kataiser (03/12/2012 04:02pm):
Small updates to terrain, Comm towers moved. Still probably needs more mountains. I'll look into that later...
DJ-Moogle (04/04/2012 12:42am):
Looks like every other damn 2-player switchback map...
mori3 (04/08/2012 04:20pm):
For someone who's only made 8 maps, that isn't a bad result. It's balanced and playable, it has
some chokey areas and some open ground. I'd rather have people understand the basics of
AWBW mapping first instead of making 30 terrible maps before making one good one.
walkerboh01 (04/29/2012 05:32am):
What mori said. As a beginner, you should be making maps that look like a lot of other things...
that's how you learn the basics. Eventually you can move on to making complicated, original
maps, but it's all a process. I think this is certainly not a bad map, by any means.

That being said, there are still some obvious edits that can be made. The clumps of properties
on the fronts is a little much, and will either cause stalemates or nothing but excessive unit
trading. The amount of properties is about right, but the distribution could use a little work. Try to
also be a little more cohesive with terraining; the mountains seem to be randomly scattered
obstacles, the forests appear to serve no more purpose than filling otherwise empty areas, and
for the love of god your river just ends in a plain. xD

If you move the bases back 2-3 spaces towards the corners, that will open up the map a bit.
Other than that, I think your time would be better spent making new maps rather than fixing this
one, for now. =) 7/10, by the way
Kataiser (05/18/2012 11:13am):
All the necro updates.

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