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Hume (Design Map by Mori2)
Categories: High Funds, S-Rank

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Rating: 8.67 in 3 ratings
Map Committee Rating: 8.67 in 3 ratings
Mori2 (03/12/2012 07:26pm):
Still not set on the layout, but it's supposed to be extremely basic, since my maps are usually
fairly cluttered. High funds.
walkerboh01 (03/13/2012 03:20am):
You're going to want to go to a 2 or 4 infantry setup, rather than 3. Three is going to lead to
balance issues (one side gets two bases first, the other gets only one). Otherwise it's pretty
nice, though I'm not really sold on the fronts in the NW and SE corners -- you might think about
rearranging the cities a little bit so they're not all on the outer edge.
Mori2 (03/13/2012 04:44pm):
Moved stuff around. Keep debating putting cities in those middle mountain clusters.
Robz (03/17/2012 11:03pm):
Should be alright as it is.
walkerboh01 (04/29/2012 05:27am):
I really like this map. If I have any sort of competition in the future that needs a good HF map,
this will be one of the first one my list. It looks like the corner properties will get captured
originally by the weak side and then will probably change hands. That, along with the
terraining in the center of the map (which I love by the way), should create pretty interesting
dynamics. I like the quick road routes for rockets and other heavy units. Just a solid-looking

Last Edited on 04/29/2012 05:27am
Mori2 (05/11/2012 08:28am):
9'd, basically everything Walker said. Also glad I put the airports where I did.
walkerboh01 (04/16/2015 03:35am):
Bumping to new for further testing.
Zeronix (03/16/2018 11:06pm):
Overall nice design, but the labs seem a little exposed. Would like to see some boats on the HQs to
slow it down just a little.

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