Totally Not Rainy
Creator: Mori2 || First Published: 03/14/2012 || Players: 2 || Size: 21x21
Categories: A-Rank
Rating: 8.00 in 1 rating
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Mori2 (03/14/2012 06:05pm):
Probably should switch the neutral base to the other side. Oh well.
DuelStriker (03/14/2012 06:53pm):
It must be Sunny instead!

I'm guessing neutral bases under the landers? (it's hard to tell). The map is looking
good, though possibly a bit too many mountains.
Mori2 (03/14/2012 07:04pm | Edited: 03/14/2012 07:04pm):
Yeah idk. I usually can't make chokey maps at all, so I'm trying to go for that with this batch of
maps. Maybe I overdid it. And that is where the neutral base is, yeah.
Headphone (03/14/2012 10:11pm):
Some tips about chokey maps that have helped me:
1)Longer supply lines make tanks better than arties in some situations.
2)Copters become incredibly good with the amounts of arties and the ability to out maneuver
3)The ability for tanks to change fronts quickly make them better also, and it strengthens

These are mostly tips, and maps can be good without following any of this. Seems you
understand them naturally anyways.
Mori2 (03/14/2012 10:44pm):
Pretty much. I'm talking about functionally making a map that doesn't look or work like existing
maps that have done it right while still doing it right. So many S and A rank maps are usually
good in part because of the skillful manipulation of open ground and chokey areas and their
distance to relevant bases. There are many, many other reasons they are so good, of
course, but that is one of the reasons.

In short, making a map that looks and works exactly like Atlas is pointless. Making a map that
has some cool references to Rainy while playing nothing like Rainy is much more fun. If I can
also do something I'm not normally good at doing, then all the better.
Bird of Rookie (03/15/2012 01:26am):
Hi, Mori. I'm really happy to be the first one playing on this map with u. Let's test your new map and have fun!
walkerboh01 (03/16/2012 03:52am):
Putting the neutral base under the lander like that can complicate things a bit, especially with
regards to FTA. For instance, the capture phase becomes more uncertain, as the first
person to build the arty will certainly have some advantage. It may also be possible to build
arty + tank before your opponent, which would be a worse situation.

As for the rest of the map, I'm not a huge fan of how the fronts are put together. I have a
feeling you're not going to see much action on the outsides, and the map could turn into a bit
of a cluster on those 4-wide strips of land between the central shoals. Changing the base
position could affect this, and it may turn out okay if a 2v1 base situation develops. You'll
really just have to test and see though...
Mori2 (03/16/2012 08:19am | Edited: 03/16/2012 08:19am):
Rookie is actually kind of destroying me with a recon rush, so I'm probably not the ideal example
of gameplay here. But yeah, the lander being removed will almost certainly happen.
Bird of Rookie (03/17/2012 07:46am):
I love the two carriers; because of them, air force can only play in the center, or to be exact,
in a corridor ranging from the top right to the bottom left. Let's see how the situation will be
after copters join in.
Mori2 (03/27/2012 12:17am):
Landers removed. Not really sure where Rookie went, but it was playing great until they left.
Mori2 (05/09/2012 03:22am):
Really like how this one plays out. 8, if not almost a 9. Needs more tests.

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