Inverted Star
Creator: Mori2 || First Published: 03/14/2012 || Players: 2 || Size: 21x21
Categories: A-Rank
Rating: 7.00 in 1 rating
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blozzee (03/15/2012 02:02am):
maybe I'll try out later...kinda like this one though
Mori2 (03/15/2012 02:26am):
It's inspired by one of your maps, of course.

I tried to keep things simple for once, though. My maps are usually pretty cluttered.
walkerboh01 (03/16/2012 04:04am):
Three airports, huh? I wonder if an early bboat would be worth it to try to steal the second
tower... Probably not but it could be fun to try.

But it's definitely another solid map. You need to slow down though... soon you'll have more
maps than us MC members, and that's just not acceptable! =p
walkerboh01 (04/29/2012 05:42am):
I kind of wish there was one extra route into the center, but I'm not sure where it could go that
would make sense.

I don't think this map is anything too special, but there's nothing obviously wrong. 7/10

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