He Who Wins, Wins All
Creator: matathias || First Published: 03/24/2012 || Players: 8 || Size: 40x40
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Ghost_pirate (03/24/2012 09:30pm):
interesting kind of map.
pen (03/24/2012 10:25pm):
BM and GE will be sending loaded APCs straight to the HQs....
matathias (03/25/2012 12:52am):
Actually, all of the factories are the same distance from the HQs. The terrain is altered
slightly, and I probably ought to do something about FTA, but I'm new here and I'm not
entirely sure how to balance everything.
airob (03/25/2012 01:02am):
Actually OS and YC reach that place faster, and since OS goes first, they are likely to win, they
can easily send the APC with an infantry and reach within 4 days that narrow path, they can
send tank after they send the APC to attack other countries sending their own APCs, making
sure the other countries dont fire the silos to stop the capture
blozzee (03/25/2012 06:08pm):
OS as Javier = auto win
airob (03/26/2012 01:50am | Edited: 03/26/2012 01:51am):
Not at all, i doubt he manages to get all three towers...even getting two would be very hard,
considering the rest of the armies are gonna stop that, and that there are at least 2 more
closer to the other towers than OS.

His Indirect defense would probably grant him a big advantage as the map is very chokey,
but i doubt it would make him broken here.
walkerboh01 (03/26/2012 04:40am):
I love how no one comments on the actual problems with the map. Like all the preowned
cities, lack of FTA counters, only starting with one base, the general chokiness, imbalanced
positioning of airports, too many bases for such a small map, too many contested properties
and towers, poor HQ positioning, and on and on.

Who cares which COs might be broken when the map as a whole is practically unplayable?
Nyvelion (03/26/2012 10:59am):
I do
Dangerous Retard (03/27/2012 12:08am):
So do I

pen (03/27/2012 12:57am):
I care too
Mort_Kawasaki (04/08/2012 01:23pm):
I think there should be a line of ocean around both sides, to make the ports a bit more useful.

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