2: Gluttony [Pandemonium]
Creator: zaaps1 || First Published: 04/05/2012 || Players: 2 || Size: 25x25
Categories: A-Rank, Base Light, Teleport Tile
Rating: 8.00 in 2 ratings
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zaaps1 (04/05/2012 12:47pm | Edited: 04/05/2012 01:45pm):
The lights dim one night in the Dark City of Pandemonium, a city darkened only by the
waters of the Styx itself. It's a city of conflict and warfare, and tonight in the
district of Avarice, the site of the city's main power generators, conflict has found its
way into the heart of Pandemonium itself. A rebel extremist group, known as Macabre, has
seized control over a good portion of the Avarice power facility.

Macabre forces finally retreat from their outposts amongst the generators of Avarice after
a long and hard-fought battle, but not before dealing serious damage to the city's
infrastructure. It seems the purpose of their attack was to take out the city's defensive
capabilities. Since the rebels did not succeed in completely controlling Avarice, much of
the defenses are intact and remain operational.

However, workers in the loading dock of Gluttony have reported inoperational devices.
Rebel tampering with the Avarice power plants seem to have disabled the electric grid
around the port, and as a result gunfire breaks loose as workers report rebel battleships
bombarding the walls surrounding the port.

Most recent reports indicate that the walls have been broken around Gluttony and Macabre
as established an outpost just off the shores of the harbor. Rebel landers have been
spotted making their way toward the shoreline, likely carrying troops that will fight
their way into the heart of the port facility and take control over it, allowing a greater
flood of troops to follow consequently, leading to a full scale invasion of Pandemonium.

The military has set up a base on the opposite side of the port and is prepared to defense
Gluttony at all costs. The rebels cannot penetrate into the port. To let them do so would
be to open a door into the heart of Pandemonium.
zaaps1 (04/05/2012 01:05pm | Edited: 04/05/2012 07:26pm):
Map #2 of the Pandemonium series. I'll hoping to try a new, unique style of map for each
one. This map focuses on the concept of deployment, as well as employing a few other

First off, the main island has no factories and only a lone airport that is easily
missile-locked. However, friendly landers have the ability to deploy troops anywhere along
the coastline.

Secondly, the dividing pipelines have a weak point that can be broken through. Breaking
your own, and your opponent's, seam has advantages and disadvantages. Although it allows
the use of air units in a more aggressive fashion, it also allows the enemy a more direct
route to your HQ.

Finally, the heavy city center of the map allows for very dynamic and constantly changing

I'm considering adding a port to the island with the bases for two reasons: 1) refueling
as well as building new landers at the player's discretion, 2) allow the use of carriers
and battleships which can be used either offensively or defensively depending on where
they are deployed. I've given them a new useful places to hide in reefs. Thoughts on this?

EDIT: Done
Headphone (04/06/2012 02:48pm):
tl;dr cool map.
walkerboh01 (04/06/2012 06:31pm):
Agreed, this is really nice. The gimmick for deploying troops anywhere along their coast is
especially cool.
zaaps1 (04/06/2012 06:32pm):
Headphone (04/06/2012 01:48pm):
tl;dr cool map.

QFT if i do say so myself
walkerboh01 (04/24/2012 05:14pm):
Only concern is that the map may turn into tank spam. I think this map will favor the mobility of
tanks, especially since units can be deployed just about anywhere. It might not hold true in
games, but it's still a concern.

8/10 though, cuz the concept is nice.
Mori2 (04/30/2012 03:40am):
Tank spam seems to be pretty common simply because it's much more viable than setting up
arty walls on these types of maps. Tanks can just take advantage of the movement options
much more easily than indirects. Arty might see some use around the mountains, I suppose,
but it's hard to push beyond them if you're holding there without a significant tank
presence anyways.

On a map I made recently with a similar design, artillery hit the field eventually, but it
was after the winner had mostly been decided. Not that excessive tanks are inherently bad
either, but it could be a problem, as Walker pointed out. Very cool map regardless.
Veritech (11/21/2013 04:15pm):
Tank spam? Don't you mean Sensei spam?

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