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The Possibilities are Endless (Design Map by MorganLeah)
Categories: Joke

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Rating: 9.47 in 17 ratings
Map Committee Rating: 10.00 in 1 rating
MorganLeah (04/18/2012 06:51pm):
I've been doing some philosophical thinking, lately, about the nature of maps. You know,
asking questions like "What is a map, really?"

I decided that the best way to answer my questions would be to make a map. So that is what
I present to you above, dear reader of this comment. I hope it can provide some answers to
your searching soul.
Headphone (04/18/2012 07:33pm):
10/10 for philosophical win.
Last Edited on 04/18/2012 09:08pm
MorganLeah (04/18/2012 07:44pm):
There is nothing "I" might have forgotten, as this map was crafted to answer questions. Do
not focus so much on the nature of the map, rather, look upon it and realize it is just a
reflection. With this knowledge, you may look within, and perhaps learn the way of maps in
the ways that I did while crafting this piece.
walkerboh01 (04/18/2012 09:56pm):
What the hell kind of map is this? None of the geographical locations or cities are even labeled!
Some cartographer you are, dude.
MorganLeah (04/18/2012 09:58pm):
Again, I must stress, though this map came into being through my hand, it is not of my
creation. It simply is; it states its own purpose through its very existence. Also, I
believe you may be confused as to the type of map being discussed.
DuelStriker (04/18/2012 10:06pm):
Clearly it's a weather map walker
Mori2 (04/18/2012 11:18pm):
Kat set up a test game. S-rank material right here.
walkerboh01 (04/18/2012 11:19pm):
It's like someone said "Hey Morgan, speak Chinese", and this is what you did. I find that
Pfhil (04/18/2012 11:23pm):
This is a serious map. It is an attrition war. You have to keep playing your turn. Whoever forgets
to take their next turn and gets booted loses.
Con Solo (04/18/2012 11:31pm):
God damnit I just lost. Yeah I would take Pfhil seriously if I were you.
Con Solo (04/18/2012 11:32pm):
Shut up vile.
Last Edited on 04/18/2012 11:33pm
MorganLeah (04/18/2012 11:33pm):
Mori2 (04/18/2012 11:33pm):
Doubly seriously, one might say.

Oh con's double went gone.
Last Edited on 04/18/2012 11:34pm
Kataiser (04/18/2012 11:36pm):
Con Solo (04/18/2012 11:41pm):
DuelStriker (04/18/2012 11:43pm):
Look what you did now walker
walkerboh01 (04/19/2012 12:42am):
All in a good day's work, my dear sir. All in a good day's work.
MorganLeah (04/19/2012 12:52am):
I am greatly pleased that this has inspired as much discussion as it has. I am confident
that continued discussion here will lead to a Golden Age in this community.
Last Edited on 04/25/2012 04:38am
Headphone (04/19/2012 01:23am):
walkerboh01 (04/19/2012 01:37am):
it is not possible to predict when a comment storm will strike. It requires a rare mix of conditions,
one of which is clearly mentioning Chinese. xD
blozzee (04/19/2012 08:56am):
So this map is googletranslatable or not?
Last Edited on 04/19/2012 08:56am
airob (04/19/2012 09:45pm):
Quién sabe, solo digo como putas consiguió tantos comentarios...
So yeah i click the map and im like wtf is going on here...
MorganLeah (04/25/2012 04:36am):
Welcome, new pilgrims. By viewing this map you have begun on the path to greater map
enlightenment. I see that you have both asked questions (is it google translatable? and
wtf is going on here?) and this is good. By asking questions and pondering what the
answers may be, you are opening yourself to new possibilities. And in the end, that is
exactly what this page is all about.

And for airob:
Bienvenidos, nuevos peregrinos. Al ver este mapa que han comenzado en el camino hacia la
iluminación mapa más grande. Veo que usted tiene dos preguntas (¿es traducible google? Y
WTF que está pasando aquí?) Y eso es bueno. Al hacer preguntas y pensando en lo que las
respuestas pueden ser, usted se está abriendo a nuevas posibilidades. Y al final, eso es
exactamente lo que esta página se trata.
Pfhil (10/24/2012 07:00pm):
After over 6 months of testing it seems that this map has some stalemating issues. Other than that great map.
pen (11/23/2012 12:26am):

Kataiser (01/10/2014 09:39pm):
Talk about resolve.
Nyvelion (01/15/2014 04:31pm):
That is impressive.
MorganLeah (05/30/2014 06:13pm):
Aw it ended at last :(
the-deadly-shadow (07/07/2015 05:40pm):
I discovered why this is a great map, I counted the tiles between neutral properties.

If two missile tiles are on the same line or column, there is always an odd number of
tiles between them.
If two non-sea tiles are on the same line or column and both tiles and both tiles have
only sea tiles between them, there is always an odd number of sea tiles between them
If two properties are on the same diagonal, there is always an odd number of diagonal
tiles between them, unless those diagonal tiles cross the two missile tiles in the center.

10/10. Finally someone not only discovered it, but published it as well( I guess the
others kept the secret for themselves, but that is not how science works: Nuke bombs for

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