eu diplomats 14p?
Creator: Ian_the_pro || First Published: 04/27/2012 || Players: 14 || Size: 39x38
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Rating: 8.38 in 13 ratings
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Ian_the_pro (04/27/2012 12:28am):
the map has the top 2 rows and one row on the right removed, but otherwise it's almost the
same as the original!
MorganLeah (04/27/2012 01:29am):
And thank goodness that it is.
DuelStriker (04/27/2012 02:19am):
Man, poor PL gets almost no neutral properties.

Also lol at BM, PC and PL are screwed
walkerboh01 (04/27/2012 03:42pm):
Also shout out to the lone city in the upper left that no one will ever capture.
Nyvelion (04/27/2012 05:00pm):
Nobody cares about Iceland. It's not like they do anything anyway.
JoeVector (04/27/2012 09:08pm):
They could *at least* put the shoal on the other side.
pen (05/01/2012 01:11am):
RF should be England, there should be only one Scandinavian nation, if any. Germany and
Russia need a colony, which is why Scandinavia is neutral!!!......and.......Fourteen
nations! Far too many, my friend!!!! And what about moving England? Ships that aren't
transports have to travel all the way up and around England. I thought you'd at the very
least fix that up (the shoals between England and France bar cruiser, sub, b. ship and
carrier access/movement Maybe move it north and/or to the west And a lone contested base
in Africa? A contested base?! Come on! You should know better! Egypt should be BD!!!!!
Which is why (Morocco?) should be AB. PC should be (obviously) CI, and Teal even shouldn't
exist! Another unfixed European Diplomats flaw was FTA! Which, once a small issue, is now
huge because all the nations are crammed! All JS has to do is spam indirects, and they'll
be untouchable! Having more players doesn't always make it more fun, you know. Move
Iceland one down, as well. Maybe airports could spice it up a bit afterwards? Kind of a
wild card, though. But, SERIOUSLY Ian! come on man, we all know that you can do better
than this >.<

*flips desk in rage, storms out of room*
Ian_the_pro (05/01/2012 10:34pm):
why do you think its called eu diplomats FOURTEEN players, its impossible to put 14
players on such a small map, but it should make for some fun games
Master49 (05/03/2012 10:56pm):
An interesting and packed game....precisely what I enjoy. Good alteration 8/10
pen (05/06/2012 10:29pm):
Let's see..... I just joined as GE for a test. All I'm asking is you fix the issues the old version would have in common with this
one, like the shoal issue with England or the Istanbul shoal issue >_>

.....I never said that I disliked the map or the concept. I just think that there could've been more effort towards making 14
players more doable. The map can't get any better if no one gives any helpful advice, that's one of the reasons why we have
comment sections. If you think that it's pefectly fine the way it is and that 14p is a good idea, great. Then my opinion
shouldn't bother you.

The only really fun way in this *state* of the map is through teams of two each, which I would join more often than not for
reasons far beyond just testing..... But I'll see when I'm done with my game.
pen (05/06/2012 10:30pm):
But for now, meh.
demonhands (05/08/2012 08:22pm):
In regards to comments about which country (england, france, etc) should be which color
(orange star, red fire, etc), remember that the aesthetics should never take precedence over
turn order. That being said, I don't know for sure if this turn order scheme is the best, but play
testing will determine that, hopefully.
demonhands (05/08/2012 08:24pm):
It appears to me that the central powers such as italy, germany, etc, and those that are
hemmed in (like Red fire/spain and Purple/arabia) should definitely be higher up in turn order,
which would compensate for their poor positions.
Meta Rexy (05/18/2012 02:42am):
In a map like this, getting one more base than everyone else can prove fatal.
CI has a huge advantage for being
- Far away from everyone else. at least, the sea separates him.
- Having unrestricted access to a lot more properties without competition
- Access to a FOURTH base if he focuses his forces on it, which shouldn't be hard given
that the other countries have their own problems.
- Overall a larger area to work with, especially in the corner of the map.
CI has an unfair advantage and with a competent player should be able to take everyone
else out without much trouble.
Ian_the_pro (05/18/2012 04:02pm):
yeah, im planning on moving purple there
Sie28 (06/01/2012 12:24pm):
they should have made iceland's city a com tower coz otherwize no one will bother
Sie28 (06/01/2012 12:24pm):
they should have made iceland's city a com tower coz otherwize no one will bother
time_of_silence (06/04/2012 07:15pm):
Meta is right CI will win every time
Ian_the_pro (06/07/2012 11:50pm | Edited: 06/07/2012 11:50pm):
you guys have to stop creating games on my map then if you want me to edit it a little
pen (06/17/2012 04:11am | Edited: 06/17/2012 04:13am):
CI has one port and it is shoal-locked. CI has to conquer AB before it faces a naval
invasion or before it finds itself stuck in Africa. Even then, the port in Egypt
would do it little help. Once there becomes a nation that has swallowed all in Europe; all
CI could do is block its shoals. CI's remoteness and property content ultimately works
against it. If you are playing as CI, you will most likely find yourself in second place.

EDIT: There is no bold?
Meta Rexy (06/17/2012 05:09pm):
lol, CI's port isn't shoal locked.
pen (06/24/2012 11:18pm | Edited: 06/27/2012 03:59pm):
@Meta Rexy

whoops :P
pen (06/28/2012 12:00am):
...It still wouldn't fix this trainwreck of a map.
Meta Rexy (09/18/2012 12:32am):
Looking at a test game, I forgot that people drop out in every single large game...
In that respect, everything I said about CI is useless... having a central position is FAR
more important to take full advantage of the failure of others to complete their turns...
advancedpaper83 (03/17/2013 09:02pm):
anyone want to play sent me an invite
sulla (03/25/2013 12:52pm):
desu desu


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