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Creator: MorganLeah || First Published: 05/01/2012 || Players: 2 || Size: 24x25
Categories: S-Rank, Heavy Naval
Rating: 6.19 in 16 ratings
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MorganLeah (05/01/2012 06:38pm | Edited: 11/18/2013 06:31pm):
The clump of ghost units in the middle is to prevent lander drop-offs on the central shoal

Note: there are no longer ghost units, or a central shoal bridge
Headphone (05/01/2012 08:49pm):
They also troll noobs. Why not just make them bridges or roads?
MorganLeah (05/01/2012 08:52pm | Edited: 05/01/2012 08:54pm):
I want landers to be able to pass through the middle. I know it will confuse people that
don't understand ghost units, but letting landers drop off there would create some STA
issues, I think.

I dunno, anyone think the map would be fine if landers couldn't go through the middle?
Mori2 (05/01/2012 08:54pm | Edited: 05/01/2012 08:57pm):
I suppose with this method, landers can still travel through the middle without dropping off
units, but I don't know if that's what Morgan intended.

Ahaha posted as I posted. Now this comment is pointless.

And yes, I think this map would be fine if they couldn't move through the center, but it's up to
MorganLeah (05/01/2012 08:58pm | Edited: 05/01/2012 09:11pm):
Alright, I've decided to change the map up a bit, mostly for the sake of simplicity. No
more ghost units, and I made sure the airports won't be overly contested by moving them
back a bit.
epikfaal (11/03/2014 08:04pm):
I am playing a league game on this map right now. I have to say, it plays out fantastically, the landers
allow for so many strategic choices and decisions to make. Deciding which front to sent
reinforcements and finding out optimal capture routes are great IMO Also having to making the
though decision when to go for the airport or distant cities with one of your landers in the midgame
makes me enjoy this map so much! 10/10
systericon (11/27/2014 12:46pm):
love to play on this one

Mori2 (12/01/2014 03:58pm):
I'm glad this one was so well received, I had worries about the decision to include this one. I'll definitely keep this
feedback in mind for future Rotation and Persistent map decisions, thank you.
Battle_Copter (01/20/2016 10:50am):
battleships are so good here.
HW (05/26/2019 08:53am):
This is not a very good map... The landers don't do anything but slow the game down. The islands are way too far, slowing the game even more. And worst of all, the HQ is on the attacking side, and protected by a base, an airport, and two ports, so this map will take forever if your opponent isn't polite enough to resign.
MorganLeah (08/22/2019 02:46pm | Edited: 09/03/2019 12:12pm):
My thoughts on your comment:
1) The landers may slow things down slightly, but they do in fact do something else: allow for high flexibility in initial
deployment (i.e. which front they're sent to), but make it difficult to (though not impossible) to change this once committed.
And yes, this is different than simply having bases on multiple fronts as one typically sees.

2) The islands (by this I assume you mean the airports and the corner cities) are far because it is supposed to be a strategic
choice as to when you feel you can safely divert your resources into taking these, and ensuring the resources needed are
not trivial.

3)The HQ vulnerability is fine. Consider the following things:
-The HQless side can be strongly reinforced from your two-base island (your main force production) such that they could
reach the HQ the next day if it were to be moved to that side
-The same-day drop off points for the HQ side can put units 10 spaces away from the HQ at best, and one of those points is
trivially blockable by an opponent that's gained any notable advantage over you.
-Visual aid for the above two points: purple dots are where a standard-movement lander can
reach from the two-base island in one day, the red outline is the limit of where a standard-movement tank dropped off could
reach the next day. As you can see the right side is completely covered, but on the left side the HQ is not reached. While the
upper portion is extensive, an enemy with any advantage shouldn't have much trouble blocking that singular point.
-The ports are just about worthless for HQ protection, if your opponent has you on the ropes that much I don't see how
you're going to afford a battleship or carrier (and if you can afford either, I think I've figured out how your opponent has
gained this advantage over you!)
-I concede that the airport might be better off further from the HQ but this is a minor issue.

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