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Fountain of acid (Design Map by Airbo)
Categories: A-Rank

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MorganLeah (05/18/2012 01:45am):
I am very unimpressed by this map. It's just a singular black square, what are you even
supposed to do with this?
DuelStriker (05/18/2012 01:48am):
Yeah airob what is this
Airbo (05/19/2012 03:02am):
FU. Stop spying on my maps D:
walkerboh01 (05/21/2012 08:01am):
This is cool, I really like the aesthetics. Hopefully the supply time isn't too long.
Headphone (05/21/2012 04:42pm):
long enough to justify transport usage?
Also the slightly more central HQs should shorten gameplay.
Last Edited on 05/21/2012 04:45pm

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