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High Society (Design Map by mori5)
Categories: A-Rank, High Funds, Limited High Funds

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mori5 (06/06/2012 01:05pm):
Designed, hopefully, for Kamuscha's new game type, detailed here:
Headphone (06/08/2012 04:35am):
The landers were a bit too harsh, now there won't be any air at all.
I think just the stealth ban would have been enough, since bombers get countered by
the less expensive AA.
Mori2 (06/09/2012 12:27am):
Makes sense, will edit that thing soonish. I was just worried about the whole, you know,
Bombers just being such a good offensive unit right out of the gate, what with good
movement, power, and invincibility from most units.

You know, after watching this replay, I'm not convinced that they need to be removed. It
makes for a pretty cool opening phase and teching nonsense, to be honest.

Last Edited on 06/09/2012 02:03pm
mindofmyclone (07/12/2012 10:51am):
how can i play a game against anyone...i loved this game when i use to play it...but this online
version is new to me

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