Mona Lisa Overdrive
Creator: mori5 || First Published: 06/06/2012 || Players: 2 || Size: 27x20
Categories: A-Rank, Teleport Tile
Rating: 8.50 in 2 ratings
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Mori2 (06/06/2012 08:21pm):
I've been wanting to make a map like this for a very long time, I just didn't think I knew enough
about mapping to really pull it off.
MorganLeah (06/06/2012 08:27pm):
Oh man it looks insane... but I like it, a lot.
walkerboh01 (06/06/2012 08:36pm):
What Morgan said. My only real suggestion right now is you might want to put the neutral base in
a backwards position instead of forwards, to create a little more space in the center.
MorganLeah (06/06/2012 08:48pm):
Ooh I like the new base placement a lot. A lot of opportunity to attack that side through
the black tiles.
Meta Rexy (06/07/2012 02:38am):
lol, whatever chance you get to attack doesn't last long once the player occupies each of
the tiles adjacent to a black tile with an infantry
Mori2 (06/07/2012 04:03am):
Of course, but that's not the most practical plan early on, hence why the routes are spaced as
they are and are as wide or narrow as they are.
Meta Rexy (07/09/2012 07:38pm):
After noticing the last test game (sorry for being booted... Canada Day party preparations
kept me busy) I found the teleport tiles to be quite versatile... much more useful than I
anticipated. The front was deceptively wide, spanning the whole map, yet units were easy
to send along the entire front, making it much more flexible than some of the older maps
I've seen with diagonal fronts.
8/10. This game was quite refreshing and interesting. I only wish artillery were a bit
more useful here (due to the nature of the teleport tiles tanks and b copters proved superior)
Mori2 (07/19/2012 10:02am):
Yeah, probably an 8 or a 9. It's a lot of fun. Air is strong here, but first copter isn't terribly

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