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What Need We Fear (Design Map by mori6)
Categories: High Funds, Limited High Funds, S-Rank

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mori6 (06/10/2012 02:34pm):
A reimagining of Blood on my Hands, made for Limited High Funds.

Blood on my Hands by Hellraider here:

Limited High Funds here:

Fun fact, I made 2 other versions of this map and then deleted them after like 30 minutes of
editing each. Blood on my Hands is an insanely good map for many reasons, and many
things that made the original amazing like the airport placement just wouldn't work in LHF in
my opinion. I also didn't want to do just a carbon copy of the original center like I did with the
sides, but now it might encourage stalemates. Still, I think we could use a map with chokey
sides in LHF.
Last Edited on 06/10/2012 02:35pm
strustl (06/11/2012 06:54pm):
Yellow has a MASSIVE FTA!!! The troop in the top right CANNOT get the nearest base by the
same time the yellow in the lower left can get his.

EDIT: I thought the troops were YC, my mistake, the troops look very similar. Carry on.
Last Edited on 06/11/2012 06:57pm

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