Desert Joust
Creator: Rockoe10 || First Published: 06/23/2012 || Players: 4 || Size: 19x19
Categories: None
Rating: 8.75 in 4 ratings
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Rockoe10 (06/23/2012 08:47pm):
A map inspired by "Supreme Commander" this map provides an arena for a 2v2 N/S
or a 4FFA.
walkerboh01 (06/24/2012 01:56pm):
I suggest moving the neutral bases further away from the center, so that their capture cannot be
disrupted. It's also a good idea to give both teams a tower, and to move those away from the
very center too.
Rockoe10 (06/25/2012 01:24am):
Removed the Center Com. for 4 individual Com. Towers

@walkerboh01, thanks for the input. I gave a Com. Tower to each player rather
than a center tower for them to fight over. I kept the center bases/cities however, I
enjoy a center battle and the contest between players. Its kinda the point. Thanks
again for the feed back.
Rockoe10 (07/19/2012 01:05am | Edited: 07/19/2012 01:06am):
Added two additional Cities for each team to start, thereby increasing the funds of the

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