Credens Justitiam
Creator: mori7wastaken || First Published: 07/10/2012 || Players: 2 || Size: 20x17
Categories: S-Rank
Rating: 7.83 in 6 ratings
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Everdan (07/25/2015 12:22pm):
I'm not sure if this is what I think it is, but if it is, I totally dig the reference :D
liandry (05/18/2016 01:42am):
9 for triple labs x awesome anime reference
tip: proceed to the movie versions afterwards for moar hnnnggggg
Everdan (07/18/2016 01:13pm | Edited: 07/18/2016 01:14pm):
the more I look at this map, the more I like it. Both sides clash in the centre right from the beginning, and you really
have to think very hard about how many infs to send to the sides to capture stuff while retaining central control.
excellent map!

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