Creator: mori8 || First Published: 07/12/2012 || Players: 2 || Size: 19x16
Categories: S-Rank, Hall of Fame
Rating: 8.93 in 15 ratings
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walkerboh01 (07/12/2012 02:02pm):
I really, really like this map. The city/mountain placement on the sides is perfect.
Mori2 (07/13/2012 08:42am):
It's something I've been meaning to write up on for a while now. There's some simple math that I
do for the placement of properties that pretty much guarantees a setup like this.
walkerboh01 (07/13/2012 03:24pm):
Interesting, I'd be curious to know what math you use.
Mori2 (07/13/2012 04:57pm | Edited: 07/13/2012 04:57pm):
It really belongs in like, a greater Advanced Mapping tutorial, but it's really just working out
terrain/property so that you tend to keep cities 4 to 5 spaces away from each other unless it
benefits game play in some way, and then use wavy roads along areas that would be easy
to defend otherwise. Mountains cut up the map into 1 to 3 tile wide lanes, with the chokey
areas generally being closer to where the fronts connect to each other, and the wider areas
towards the center of the fronts. Offset areas where cities would be easy to defend with
forests and empty silos. Use shoals and roads to keep terrain fairly low, keep forests away
from slowing down tanks unless it causes interest strategic decisions.

Only use 1 horizontal/vertical 1 tile chokepoints at front switches, use 1 (or maybe 2)
diagonal 1 tile chokepoints per front. The 1 weak base should have the capacity to fall back
to two small routes, maybe 2 tiles wide each with mountains/pipes/rivers that divide them
(picked based on which one makes the most sense to defend with without being impossible
to break through, unless you're designing it around a base switch, in which case you can go
with which is the least easy to defend with). However, falling back that far generally
pushes the weak base beyond being easily supported by the chokey front switches from the
strong bases.

It's really just basic rules, and those are just a few of them, but most of my maps started to
follow them pretty naturally as time went on. I should really write all of them up into a nice,
neat format for mappers at some point.
DuelStriker (09/01/2012 10:56pm):
Love the look of this, agreed with Walker
walkerboh01 (02/18/2015 01:02am):
This map is so good. The diagonal mountains bordering a city is freaking genius. The capture
phase is awesome, the front-switching is perfect. I'm giving this map a 10/10 and strongly
recommending for a shift in the League.
halalas (12/08/2016 03:46am):

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