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Sky of glory (Design Map by Airbo)
Categories: A-Rank, High Funds

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Rating: 7.50 in 2 ratings
Map Committee Rating: 0 in 0 ratings
Airbo (07/23/2012 12:53am):
High funds: Meant to be as a map for heavy air warfare. Funds should be set at 2K, making it
a 50K income map, enabling many combinations of unit builds. You can tranport AAs over to
the Lab island but you have to take care of not forgetting about the land front.
I didnt want to add another base as it would drain a lot of funds that would be used in the
airports, but i dont know. If anyone thinks i should add another base ill consider and test it.
Kind of a rush the HQ map.
Last Edited on 07/23/2012 12:58am
DuelStriker (09/01/2012 11:31pm):
Looks amazing, I really like this.
Mori2 (01/04/2013 02:18pm):
Started some games on this, forgot to set the funds to 2K. Will remember for future games.
Meta Rexy (12/09/2014 05:12pm):
This map is really fun and really refreshing from the normal bland maps I keep seeing here :)

It is hyper offensive, though, with the 2 comm towers, ample room for air units, and whatnot.
the FANG (03/23/2015 11:43pm):
After a game on this map, I realised that
It's still important to pay enough
attention to the ground units on two
sides. But this map is too big that even
airforce can't move between two sides
conveniently, So It's a bit boring IMO.
High fund is a good way to make the
cities become more important. I wish to
see more maps set like this.

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