World of Kryptonite
Creator: kryptonite || First Published: 07/23/2012 || Players: 8 || Size: 30x20
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kryptonite (07/23/2012 03:19pm):
Orange, Brown, and Pink vs. Black vs. Teal and Yellow vs. Green and... Cobalt.

I tried to make it balanced with each team starting with 12 properties and ending up with 16,
with 3 bases, 1 airport, and 1 port for each team.

Exceptions are Yellow/Teal since Yellow is going to have trouble getting off that island
without a port and a base on the mainland, and Black who gets a Lab since they are isolated.
(I recommend Bomber/Neo/MegaTank/Battleship for the lab.

Feel free to rate/comment! I will take suggestions into consideration, especially concerning

I know that the terrain is kind of plain on the left and heavy on the right... that is intentional,
but if it's imbalanced, I'll change that.

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